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National Geographic Travel
1 hour ago
natgeotravel Photograph by @paulnicklen // clear air, cold temperatures and a sun that endlessly skims across the horizon creates the perfect canvas to capture the spirit of thousands of emperor penguins on the ross sea #antarctica. #followme on @paulnicklen to see how effortlessly they swim underwater. #nature #naturelovers #instagood #penguin #seaice
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Matt Crump
5 hours ago
mattcrump 📢 #usingmegaphone: "ok, just stay right there, that's perfect"
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John Tully
5 hours ago
jtully A limo was set on fire yesterday during a rally protesting the inauguration near the intersection of 13th and k. washington, d.c. january 20, 2017. #backyardandbackroads
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Nylon Magazine
52 minutes ago
nylonmag Tiny little feminists at the nyc #womensmarch 😍
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1 hour ago
time Wearing pink, pointy-eared "pussyhats" to mock the new president, tens of thousands of women massed in washington and other cities around the globe for marches and demonstrations aimed at showing donald trump they won't be silent. follow the women's march on time.com and on our instagram story. photograph by adrees latif (@adreeslatif)—@reuters.
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1 hour ago
voguemagazine Together, we rise. click the link in our bio for the most inspiring moments from the women’s march so far. photographed by @malinfezehai. #womensmarch
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Fox News
1 hour ago
foxnews Hundreds of thousands of people showed up to washington d.c. for the #womensmarch to protest president donald trump. for more on this story, visit foxnews.com.
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1 hour ago
nickelodeontv The #quads are trying to get their own reality show! who's ready to start hanging with the harpers on a new #nrdd at 8:30pm/7:30c!?
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Cats of Instagram
49 minutes ago
From @maru.and.kumo: "🎶everybody wants to be a cat...🎶🎹 。" #catsofinstagram
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56 minutes ago
catsandfoodie Caturday loaf plans 🍊🍞💤 #gingerboss #caturday #catloaf
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☆ Welcome To Cat Features ☆
1 hour ago
cat_features 🌟🌟🌟 featured pet 🌟🌟🌟 . congratulations @thecatchurchill & thank you for tagging #cat_features 👏 . for more pet featuring accounts follow: 🔸 @dog_features 🔹 @instacat_meows 🔸 @meowsandwoofs 🔹 @iganimal_snaps 🔸 @featurecatmeows 🔹 @pet_superstars . 🌟 photo selected by: @saff_pstm 🌟
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☆ Welcome To Dog Features ☆
1 hour ago
dog_features 🌟🌟🌟 featured pet 🌟🌟🌟 . congratulations @i_love_lucy_aussie & thank you for tagging #dog_features 👏 . for more pet featuring accounts follow: 🔸 @cat_features 🔹 @igclub_dogs 🔸 @meowsandwoofs 🔹 @happiestpups 🔸 @pet_superstars . 🌟 photo selected by: @saff_pstm 🌟
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Dogs | Puppies
1 hour ago
dogs_of_world_ To spread their brand name, @mrhusk are giving away this paw necklace for $1 - grab yours now!!👍🐶limited time only! 🚘worldwide shipping order at @mrhusk link in bio @mrhusk
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Puppy ❤ Puppies ❤ Dogs
3 hours ago
😂😂 click the link in our bio for the cutest pup apparel
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Chelsea FC - Official
59 minutes ago
chelseafc When we played hull city away earlier in the season it ended 2-0 to chelsea, with @willianborges88 and @diego.costa on target for the blues. 👍what are your score predictions for tomorrow? #cfc #chelsea
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Football • Futbol • Soccer
2 hours ago
footballingvids Manchester united's all-time record goalscorer. congratulations, @waynerooney. #rooney250 👏👏 • tag a man united fan 👇🏼
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Seven Marine
5 hours ago
seven_marine Join us this weekend in paradise at the island boat show! @hawkscayresort, @yellowfinboats_pics, @yellowfinyachtsoffshore, #floridakeys, #boatshow, #paradise #keys, #sevenmarine, #sevenmarine627, #thepowertomovethosewhomovetheworld
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7 hours ago
oceana If there's one bird that's willing to go the distance it's the arctic tern. this species nests exclusively in the arctic but spends much of the rest of the year migrating across the globe. learn more about these globe trotting sea birds at oceana.org/marine-life. 📷: shutterstock / menno schaefer #seabirdsaturday #oceans #oceana #oceanconservation
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OceanRamsey, Ocean Ramsey
9 hours ago
oceanicramsey Funny i have forever loved #orca and they are such amazing beautiful beings, i have been loving filming and freediving with them, but locking eyes with sharks i feel a deeper sense of purpose and need. shark populations around the planet are continually being devastated for the #fin trade for #sharkfinsoup the toxic status symbol bowl of soup for #chinas #folklore destructive tradition. wild apex predators are not a sustainable resource, naturally lower populations, long gestation periods, and pupping few young means that shark populations were already naturally fewer than lower trophic lever marine species before #chinas human population boom and the demand for #sharkfishing for #shark fin soup skyrocketed. i realize traditions can be old and a part of respecting human culture but that doesn't make them intelligent, wise, sustainable, or truly respectable. it seems it's would be more respectable, honorable, intelligent, & wise to question your beliefs and consider science, facts, the other beings your choices and actions affect. consider the future generations. consider this, that the oldest discovered human traditions/rituals are eatimated to be at the most 70,000 years old, but the natural evolutionary processes of sharks that make the world that we rely on what it is today are over 400,000,000 years. what do you choose to respect: the natural world we all rely for life or old outdated unsustainable human traditions? #speakupforsharks #bansharkfinsoup #bansharkfishing #savesharks #apexpredatorsnotmonsters #questionperceptions #questiondesructivetraditions #traditions #traditional #honor #respect #respectable #china #oneworld #respectlife #globalimpact #evolve #learn #grow #science #nature if anyone out there can translate this to #chinese for me to post on weibo i would greatly appreciate it 🙏🏼
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MadWhips World's Hottest Cars
32 minutes ago
madwhips Laferrari check out 💰 @wolf_millionaire 💰for our guides to grow followers & make money @wolf_millionaire click link in bio 🔥 free guides-> 🚨 www.wolfmillionaire.com 🚨 check out @wolf_millionaire #wolfmillionaire photo by @akashugly #ferrari #laferrari #ferrarilaferrari #madwhips
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2 hours ago
audi_regram Blue #rs6 performance. 💙 ℹ 4.0 tfsi v8 605hp --- • #regram @camp_allroad • use hashtag #audi_regram • follow my partners @audicafe @food4audis @audicarsworld @audiengine @audipixs
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Food tips for a healthy life
2 hours ago
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