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“thrive and fight.” 💕⁣⁣
four-time olympian chaunté lowe (@chauntelowe ) repeats these words during challenging times.⁣⁣
“no other woman in american history has jumped higher than me,” says the @usatf team member. chaunté is training for her fifth olympic games in tokyo while she fights b****t cancer.⁣⁣
“i am a warrior,” says the mother of three who was diagnosed in the summer of 2019. “i fight hard for myself but even harder for other people. i believe that the most important thing you can do with your life is to actively show genuine love to your fellow man, especially the oppressed and the brokenhearted. i feel the strongest when i am filled with the joy that comes from my heart.”⁣⁣
as far as #breastcancerawarenessmonth goes, chaunté wishes more people understood their risks and options. “the danger for being diagnosed with b****t cancer in america throughout a woman’s life is 1 in 8,” she says. “early detection gives you more options for treatment. i wish more people knew their b*****s better than they know their own face.”⁣⁣
photo by @chauntelowe
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#hellofrom california street in san francisco, california.⁣

we are dreaming of the hilly streets in the storied city, where the old trolleys climb and descend against the backdrop of the bay bridge. ⁣

even when it’s raining. ☔️ ⁣

photo by @mindz.eye⁣
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Now this is a family portrait.⁣

meet wilbur (@wilbur_allen_bashar ). he’s a ba-shar — part basset hound, part shar-pei — with an affinity for bow ties and a love for the “dumplings,” his guinea pig friends, market price and rumpadump.⁣

“they genuinely all get along,” says their human jen. “wilbur has grown so close to the dumplings that he seems to think he’s just a guinea pig himself.”⁣


photo by @wilbur_allen_bashar
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For sebastian yatra (@sebastianyatra ), it’s not a fiesta without the fam. 🎉 today, the colombian singer celebrates his birthday — and the last day of #latinxheritagemonth – with a party that is both familiar and fun. 🎺🎂🎶⁣

reel by @sebastianyatra
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Artist preta wolzak’s (@pretawolzak ) textured mixed-media pieces focus on hard issues, including gender equality, representation and race. her collections “ma petit inuite” and “arctic charade” (pictured) confronts the impact of humans’ behavior on our planet and the effects of climate change.⁣

“i am driven by my irritation of how we are treating the globe, like tourism at antarctica and the arctic and mining for resources in those particular areas which are so vital for the balance in the world,” says preta, who incorporates embroidery, sequins, acrylics and leather into her work.⁣

“i love to use acrobats in my work, who seem to stand for joyfulness, carelessness, sparkle, like what tourism looks like on first sight. people need entertainment and they see the world as one big amusement park.⁣

the acrobats stand for the foolish behavior of mankind ruining its environment, which now even threatens to spread out to the last untouched areas of our planet: the north and south pole.⁣

i think it’s better that people get my message through humor and joyfulness. it can be serious, humorous and aesthetic at the same time.⁣”


art by @pretawolzak
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Artist stitchguy’s (@stitchguy ) intimate portrayals of g*y couples play with traditional motifs of art and embroidery. his black and white linear representations of the male body are often surrounded or intertwined with bold colors from nature.⁣

“i am constantly exploring my style of expression within a classical aesthetic. the depiction of plants in embroidery is a classical theme, and this is also important to me,” says the japanese artist, who studied fashion in art school, then worked in the industry after graduation.⁣

“i moved away from fashion for a while, due to a strong desire to create artwork that could express more personal aspects. my strengths lay in using needle, thread and cloth, so i started studying embroidery anew and began to make g*y embroidery art.”⁣

inspired by the artist’s own memories, the work draws on stitchguy’s personal experiences as inspiration for its broader lgbtq+ focus. “all of my works are very lovingly and carefully made.⁣”


art by @stitchguy
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No paint is used in the making of these portraits. all of bisa butler’s (@bisabutler ) large-scale appliqué artworks are made up of tiny pieces of fabric — cut, sewn and quilted on a long arm sewing machine.⁣

“my work celebrates the african american tradition of quilting and portrays the beauty, strength, pride and dignity of black people. i am inviting a re-imagining and a contemporary dialogue about age-old issues, still problematic in our culture, through the comforting, embracing medium of the quilt.⁣

i am telling the story of ordinary people — black people — whose stories have been deliberately ignored, misconstrued or outright denied.⁣

my subjects stand in defiance against racist stereotypes and show african americans as people who value family, community, education and hard work.⁣

i hope people view my work and see the expressions of joy, the vibrancy of colors and the quiet dignity of my portraits. i am expressing what i believe is the equal value of all humans. i hope when people see my work they can see a reflection of themselves and come to terms with the truth of the matter — all people are created equal.”⁣


art by @bisabutler
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“i want to be the best me. and to be the best me, i have to fully embrace who i am,” says olympian markus thormeyer (@lilmarquenis ), a 23-year-old competitive swimmer and student at the university of british columbia.⁣

while training with team canada for the 2016 rio olympics, markus came out to his teammates.⁣

“i wasn’t being who i am, even to some of my closest friends,” he says. “i didn’t want to go to the olympics and not be me because then i wouldn’t perform to the best that i could.”⁣

markus credits coming out with making him more confident and focused, both in and out of the pool.⁣

“it just felt easier, living felt easier every day. you don’t realize how much it adds up until after when you don’t have to do it anymore. you’re like, ‘wow, i have the energy to be me.’”⁣

earlier this year, markus shared his story to inspire other young athletes to embrace their authentic selves.⁣

“i was always looking for role models growing up. when i did find a story about a g*y athlete it was inspiring,” he says. “if one g*y kid reads my story and is inspired, that’d be a win for me.”⁣

in honor of #nationalcomingoutday, we’re sharing markus’ story as we continue to celebrate members of the lgbtq+ community who #sharewithpride. 🏊‍♂️🌈✨⁣

photo of @lilmarquenis by @emilyoverholt
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#hellofrom vase rock, located just off liuqiu island in pingtung county, taiwan.⁣

we are dreaming of this raised coral rock painted with drone light from above. over time, vase rock eroded at its base from the clear waters below, which are also home to endangered green sea turtles. 🐢⁣

photo by @makclickz
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Have no fear, charlot’s (@charlot_cat_ ) here!⁣

this european shorthair has a distinguished look — note that aristocratic french hairstyle and distinctive mustache — and a playful personality.⁣


video by @charlot_cat_
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“you don’t have to wait until it’s the ‘right time’ to get started because you’re the only person who can create your reality.”⁣

for 18-year-old greisy hernandez gutierrez (@greisyhh ), her reality is advocating for mental health resources for gen z and people of color with her organization @laschicaschulas. it also means voting in the us presidential election on november 3.⁣

“voting is a tangible way to get your voice heard and advocate for marginalized communities. my grandma is approaching retirement after years of working overtime and i’m motivated to vote for representatives that prioritize healthcare and workers’ rights.”⁣

if you want to make a difference but aren’t sure how, greisy suggests making it personal. “start local with the issues affecting your community and reach out to organizations already doing work around this. i promise you’ll find at least one to contribute to.”⁣

this week, we’re sharing voices of young activists voting for the first time in a us presidential election. you can register to vote, check your status, learn how to vote by mail and more at our link in bio. ✨⁣

photo by @greisyhh
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“i plan to show the world that my marajoara, tapajônica and black culture has an incredible power to transform people.” 🙌⁣

labo maurício lopes de oliveira (@laboyoung ) uses natural materials to create wearable art. each piece represents his identity and a sense of black joy.⁣

“it is important to celebrate black joy because in the midst of structural problems like racism and colonialism, we need to remember how important our culture is, how rich it is and remember that it keeps us alive," says labo, who lives in belém do pará in the brazilian amazon.⁣

watch our igtv to see some of labo’s stunning looks and learn more about what brings him joy.⁣

#shareblackstories 🖤⁣

photo of @laboyoung by bruno coutinho
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