Artist stitchguy’s (@stitchguy ) intimate portrayals of g*y couples play with traditional motifs of art and embroidery. his black and white linear representations of the male body are often surrounded or intertwined with bold colors from nature.⁣

“i am constantly exploring my style of expression within a classical aesthetic. the depiction of plants in embroidery is a classical theme, and this is also important to me,” says the japanese artist, who studied fashion in art school, then worked in the industry after graduation.⁣

“i moved away from fashion for a while, due to a strong desire to create artwork that could express more personal aspects. my strengths lay in using needle, thread and cloth, so i started studying embroidery anew and began to make g*y embroidery art.”⁣

inspired by the artist’s own memories, the work draws on stitchguy’s personal experiences as inspiration for its broader lgbtq+ focus. “all of my works are very lovingly and carefully made.⁣”


art by @stitchguy
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