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Actress storm reid (@stormreid ) knows how to make a day amazing. 😏⁣

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reel by @stormreid
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Day 1. day 7. day 365. 10 years. 🤯⁣
the stages of becoming a yo-yo master, explained by a professional — shu takada (@shu_ffle ).⁣

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Here for it. lorrayne carolyne (@lorrayne_carolyne ) claps and snaps her way into a shimmering makeup look. ✨⁣

introducing reels — a new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on instagram. tap the link in our bio to learn more. ⭐️⁣

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🌟 introducing reels 🌟⁣⁣

now you can record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos with music, effects and new creative features. reels lets you express yourself and entertain people, whether you’re showing off a new skill or making a funny video the world deserves to see.⁣⁣


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#hellofrom lampang, thailand. we’re dreaming of the floating pagodas of wat chaloem phra kiat phrachomklao rachanusorn temple, sitting upon this remote mountain top. despite looking like it was built centuries ago, construction started in 2004 and it officially opened in 2015.⁣

photo by @lifewithelliott
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On today’s #weeklyfluff, we’re stepping out in style with eda (@hazelnut_dog ), a 4-year-old bichon frisé, a member of the toy dog group. 🤭 ⁣

video by @hazelnut_dog
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that’s the grade we’d give these videos if they were final projects.⁣

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photo by @seamuswray; videos by @memoirsofabaker and @margarita__art
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Welcome to the (indoor) jungle. 🌿💚🌵⁣

“every room in our home has plants in it. every windowsill is filled. a green guy guards every shelf, and i wouldn’t have it any other way,” says kate chilver (@tribeandus ), a photographer who shares her plant-filled home with her partner craig and their three children: marcie, rowe and bodhi.⁣

“rowe is always on the lookout for new growth. you can always find marcie sticking her finger in the dirt to check if they need water. and bodhi is our plant whisperer, talking and stroking plants is what he does best,” explains kate, whose hobby of collecting cactuses as a child blossomed into an obsession.⁣

“i am not trying to re-create a forest in my home, or at least i don’t think i am, but plants do make me extremely happy and fill me with tranquility,” says kate. “i hope our plants bring some calmness to a house full of energy and madness… it can get a little manic at times but having plants creates uniqueness and comfort for us all.”⁣


photos by @tribeandus
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Botanical artist sophie parker (@wifenyc ) creates sculptures from real plants and flowers she hand-paints or reshapes.⁣

“i consider the fusion of the natural and artificial elements in my work as a kind of new hybrid species. it is interesting to blur the boundaries that separate the organic world from the man-made world and explore how the two can relate to each other in a compelling way,” she says. “i like to let the plant itself guide me as i make a piece, allowing new facets of its character to be accentuated through added form and color.”⁣

sophie previously created large garden-scapes on canvas and velvet, but one day, she pulled her paintbrush across a real-life leaf and everything changed.⁣

“plants stir within us a very beautiful reminder that we, as humans, are part of nature instead of separate from it. the presence of a bloom or a fresh leaf has a gentle and profound effect on the soul. i want to make something that would invite you to play among the leaves and blooms, something truly wild and unexpected.”⁣


photos by @wifenyc
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Flower artist azuma makoto (@azumamakoto ) spends his time seeking out the mystery and hidden beauty of flowers and plants. ⁣

“the inspiration for my work always comes from the flowers themselves,” say azuma, whose botanical sculptures range from boutique pieces to large-scale installation projects. “rather than find my own voice, i listen to the quiet voices of the flowers and plants. the work starts when one understands what they are trying to say.” ⁣

with the flowers “changing moment by moment,” azuma says making time-lapse videos of flowers and his working relationship with his collaborator and photographer shiinoki shunsuke is essential to preserving his work. ⁣

“a still photograph can capture the moment but not the continuity, hence the need for the time-lapse work. depending on how the video is taken, it can show various characteristics of the flower, such as opening, moving and withering, as though the flower has a clock inside it,” says azuma. ⁣

“using flowers involves accepting their gift of life, so i always show my respect for this life in my art.” ⁣


photos and video by @shiinokishunsuke
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#hellofrom lake logipi in northern kenya. 💓⁣⁣
we’re dreaming of this remote corner of the great rift valley in east africa, home to one million migratory flamingos that enjoy the algae that blooms in this alkaline “soda lake.”⁣⁣
photo by @bobbyneptune
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Meet pascal (@whatpascaldid ), a bold, sweet and unpredictable british shorthair tabby, whose weird habits include s*****g blankets, chasing toes, climbing blinds and, yes… dancing on the ceiling. #weeklyfluff⁣

video by @whatpascaldid
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