Ꭺ. Matt. 6:21. Ps. 27:4. Isa. 66:1-2. ❛He is the resurrection and the life.❜ ✑ Berkeley, California 〰️ #rawwritersdiary #arawwrite
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Today, my wanderlusting heart misses this lifetime away... where my person wasn’t bound by a rigidity i have no control over and my soul didn’t cry for reprieve. yet— “a little bird i am, / shut from the fields of air, / and in my cage i sit and sing / to him who placed me there; / well pleased a prisoner to be, / because, my god, it pleaseth thee.” — madame guyon (hymns, 724) 🕊

here’s to a lifetime i didn’t know was fleeting until it was gone. to all the castles i’ve seen and not seen, to bluer days with candy skies, and to all the photos i took in france with my little camera 📷 i don’t even know what happened to that camera. all i know is... pre-iphone blackberry me had to lug around so many things... and yet, in retrospect, as contrary as it may seem, those were... indubitably, much... much simpler times ☁️
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“search me, o god, and know my heart; try me, and know my anxious thoughts; and see if there is some harmful way in me, and lead me on the eternal way.” — ps. 139:23-24 🧸
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“bloom so fiercely
w i ldl y

unapologeti c a l l y
that they question
why they even doubted you to begin with

you don’t need permission to re c l ai m the grave they buried you in

don’t ask
grow — bloom.” x

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I call this one “i didn’t go outside even in college” it was like classes and bye for me ☁️ did u kno this is in doe bc this was news to me loool hippy surprise when we were showing the new ft around campus earlier this month 👀 here’s to the ones who study on the couch w a blanket and write all their essays the night before bc the only motivation they kno is time running out ⏳ “when was the last time u were in this library?” “...graduation photos” “did u go before that?” “...no”
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Went outside this morning and thought the sun was gonna come out and it was gonna be way too warm like yesterday but was wrong 😩 l**o it was cold as heck and i was like dang should’ve worn another layer mistakes were made and now i’m in bed all zinc’d up (ty roomie 💘) tryna not get sick again bc i’m not about to get sick for the third time in three months 🙄 literally cannot w my body rn y u so weak fam 🙃
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“who can tell of all the wonders / which thy love for me has wrought, / yet the greatest of these wonders / is that thou to me art brought. / oh! to me thy love has given / all thou art as my supply; / as true life i now may share thee / and thy riches e'er enjoy.” — witness lee (hymns, 152) 🦢
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I literally took this pic in a ramen shop and have 0 idea what it says but i hope it says something along the lines of “i love ramen” 🍜 lmaooo also it’s the second day of school and i’m so tired it hurts legit yesterday i woke up at the c***k of dawn to get bagels and coffee w my roommate for the kids only to get there and find out that they straight up closed their telegraph location honest to goodness #cancelthesemester never have i ever felt so betrayed so early in the morning
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“let the billows rise
up the length of your battered lungs
and fill your breath

like a ragged song.


it is ok a y

to not b e


let the dusk settle around you

take courage,

for even if the dawn never comes,

you will learn to draw chords from the night
pressing the l i g ht
out of the trenches
that cling to the sky

and call them
from the drowning to the branches
on which you stand.

there is no defeat in finding yourself
in the in-between
for here,
you are learning

to draw notes to your lips
that call the stars
back ho m e.

there is nothing hopeless in sheathing yourself in the same plunge that consumes you

for in doing so,
you are not mis s i n g
the dawn
pours forth in secret.

the light
in pi e c e s
the sun from the stars

for he r e,

you will not die.


nighting a l e,

h e re ,

is where
find — home.” x

#sometimesiwrite #rawwritersdiary #arawwrite “...for i have learned, in whatever circumstances i am, to be content. i know also how to be abased, and i know how to abound; in everything and in all things i have learned the secret both to be filled and to hunger, both to abound and to lack. i am able to do all things in him who empowers me.” — phil. 4:11b-13 ☞ may this year be a year of learning 🖤 photo taken at disneyland this past december
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“what is stronger / than the human heart / which shatters over and over / and still lives” — @rupikaur_ 🖤

spent part of the last day of 2018 bein extra as heck l**o ft. the vintage dress i got off @etsy for my senior prom and didn’t even end up wearing 🙄🧁✨ 2018 was a lot of: “i break my heart to give thee room / and thus thy sweetness prove.” — m.e. barber (hymns, 356)

praying 2019 will be a lot of: “faithful is he who calls you, who also will do it.” — 1 thes. 5:24 “whom do i have in heaven but you? and besides you there is nothing i desire on earth.” — ps. 73:25

happy new year, everyone 🥰
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Approx two times a year i actually dress the way i like to dress for a ~whole week~ (not just on weekends wau!) 🍰 but real talk on the regular it’s like that one text post “which sweater and legging combo will i wow them w today” l**o my team can testify
how potato are u on a scale of 1-10 on the daily? me a wholeee potato wuz gud 🥔
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Standing in line for space mountain rn and coming to the slow but sure realization that i could never work at disneyland bc p e o p l e 🤡 but!!! finally at disneyland in the winter w my bb sis 👯‍♀️✨
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Thankful for friends who let me be myself and accept me for all that i am 🥰 very suddenly and randomly shutting down after being around people for much too long and getting way too excited about harry potter ....and all. “i’m thankful that god has placed me / with you to build up his body. / christ in you is the hope for me! / you also need christ lived in me. / i live, if you stand firm in the lord. / you live, if i stand firm in the lord. / my going on is for you, / your going on is for me, / not sep’rate entities, / i need you saints desp’rately! / your faith in christ helps me pursue; / my progress depends upon you! / as i seek christ, with you in view, / my heart, full of prayers, is for you.” 💕
thank you for letting me live the non-box life with you. i need it more than you know 💓
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