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Glassy morning conditions, cold toes and pink skies. #boatfullofladies #catchmeatworklookinglikegrandma 👵🏽
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Last night at home is bittersweet! california you’ll always have my heart 💙
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How the grinch stole christmas live last night! merry christmas eve! happy to be home! 🌟 🎄
8 187 December 2018
Hope sharks are a part of my life forever. thanks a million times over @oceanramsey and @juansharks for this moment and so much more! #zoominforthenictitatingmembrane #accidentalredirection photo by @juansharks
side note im wearing a @oneoceanbikini underneath my water inspired @xcelwetsuits go check both out 🤙🏽
25 200 December 2018
Traveling with you makes my heart happy 💙 and eating food #foodieroadtrip2018
8 209 November 2018
Bixby bridge on our mini road trip. #foodieroadtrip2018
with @shanemallory
5 126 November 2018
Feeling small is one of the best feelings 📸 @shanemallory
11 152 November 2018
Moments where you're so happy you could die right there, this day was it. this week, home gave me the best tiger interactions i've had to date. funny how that works out. beyond stoked for the moments i got with riley! 💙thank you @oceanramsey and @juansharks and all the safety divers for letting me join in on the fun, and for mistaking me for a safety diver just that one moment 😉💙 #mygoprodiedrightafterthis #allmybestmomentsareinmyhead
13 171 October 2018
When you like baguettes and pancake sharks #somuchbread with @mooreamoanatours
1st 📸 @kokocuvier
3 161 October 2018
Large palms 🌴
8 200 October 2018
I love boats 💙🚤 💙

thanks for capturing @shanemallory
7 151 October 2018