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Still daydream about this place #film photo by @love2surfglass
1 117 2 weeks ago
I live for these moments lol #birds #iwa
4 93 5 weeks ago
Animals are always better. thanks for the shot @juansharks
2 163 last month
Rainbows will never get old 🌈 with @ge_keoni and @nani.moana @oneoceandiving
7 146 last month
But in all seriousness tho ! her words "i feel as if i was touched by the hand of god"
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Reminiscing on one of the most epic trips. would do it all over with you in a heartbeat @love2surfglass 💙 #film
2 127 May 2018
Film from before my vacation. makes me excited to see @love2surfglass and i's film from our trip. sad it's over but thankful i get to come back to hawaii.
5 74 May 2018
Oh bali how i wish you were the land of rights. but despite kicking my a** surfing, you stole my heart. so grateful to @love2surfglass and @sweepeverything and all the individuals i have met along the way. i will miss you 💙
3 116 May 2018
Definitely a tactile person. what can i say i like touching animals☝🏽so naturally having a monkey crawl on me was right up my ally. little did i know my only hands on experience would be a full blown surprise attack from a monkey who decided to bite my back. no photos exist of this moment.. 😔 so instead enjoy the post trauma photos. #myfacesaysitall #dontworrymomtheydonthaverabies
22 180 May 2018
Decided to take a trip away from the water and get centered in ubud.
3 145 May 2018
Island hopping in el nido 🐇
thanks @oceanramsey for the @xcel whale shark rashguard #sunprotection ☀️
3 175 April 2018
Palawan bucana bay sunset 🌅 #gypsywanderingwahine
3 122 April 2018