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Nursery in town, wish i could have that wisteria...just need it to let go of that post. hehehe 😬 #plantsofinstagram
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Love this one. seriously. support slow fashion, plant based diets, recycling, alternative transportation. we have to address our habits and change them now 😬😬😬
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I accidentally gave her duck face. growing pains 🤤. tell me your favorite mangas!
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So my half hands get red after aerials, kind of amusing 🤤also, amazing satanic possum and finger tattoos courtesy of @revtatt00 @tulsatattooco
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Thanks @sympathy_not_slaughter and @moby for always working so hard. give up dairy and beef today. you can do it! it’s easy! you’ll look better n***d too 😋😂😋
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Soooo many necklaces. i’ll just keep them all if they don’t move :) save 20% with code fuse20 link in bio 😍
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Listing the last of my edwardian/ victorian era collection. please snag these and do some badass work with them. i don’t have the time or the drive left anymore. they’re going up at witchdestash on etsy
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Cuddling charlie. she’s such a gentle giant.
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Updating my destash store right now! lots of vintage jewelry i’ve had for over a decade. witch destash on etsy:)
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At the vets office. i wanted to take the lil boy home soooooo bad. #babycrazy #furchildren
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Healed spoooon! thanks to @revtatt00 my awesome teacher @the_americam_dream for letting me do this. btw the new tick is hilarious #tattooapprentice #thetick #spoon
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Practicing off of some badass flash we picked up. linework isn’t my original artwork. we are so busy, sorry to anyone i am due correspondence with
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Think there’s nothing to do in #tulsa ? there is a lot! bellydance, aerial arts, drum circles and the list could go on and on. @xplor.life and @_sky_dancer_ offer aerial classes. i am happy to refer to several dance teachers. there’s gonna be bollywood dance classes on mondays soon too!
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Got a wig 😋 thanks to @curves_and_spirits for inspiring me. i now know the reason for wig obsession. these are fun!😍
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Good morning 🤣
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My friend @vetyvrsaige is an ats• and datura certified teacher check out @lavenderlotusdance . she’s bringing her skills and training to tulsa’s dance community. bellydance is available to all body shapes and sizes, backgrounds in fitness, ages and gender. anyone can learn and there is so much to in this art!
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So a friend brought me this book for art reference and it’s full of notes on where the previous owners saw the species listed. so rad! they traveled a lot it seems. i love the idea of this book being lovingly carried from destination to destination
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Tiny illustrations help to cement ideas for sure.
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About a month of growth. gonna enter funny puppy hair stage soon i think. #nomoredreads #itsbeencold
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