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Little pavilions collection.
today i really feel like breaking out of my shell and share a few thoughts with all of you! ;) first of all, i want to thank many people curating ig accounts that were so amazingly supportive throughout my time here and were frequently spreading my imaginative visions through their communities. recent @instagram shoutout went absolutely beyond any of my wildest imaginations. i could welcome so many new people here...can't even express how antireal it feels ;) i'm really happy that throughout the past 1,5 years thousands of people came across my utopian projects and were enjoying escaping every-day reality with me. now the overwhelming amount of you that entered the world of antireality makes me believe more than ever that dreams sometimes become a reality ;) this is amazing to have all of you gathered here, i can't express how much it flatters me and how thankful i'm to all of you that are taking this architecture journey with me. thank you for all of your heartwarming words as well as critical opinions about my designs <3

hope you stay around for a long time! :) love!

p.s. i was not able to keep up with all of your messages (thank you for all of them <3). from my experience, the most common questions are usually regarding software (need to say it...these are just tools and whatever you see on my ig you might as well achieve by using other apps, especially since postproduction is probably the most crucial part of my process), but since some of you are interested i don't see a reason to hide it ;)) so's rhino 3d + v-ray and photoshop ;) #antireality #next_top_architects #designwanted #arc_only #archicage #designboom #archdaily #critday #arqsketch #allofarchitecture #illustrarch #thebestnewarchitects #superarchitects #arch_impressive #amazingarchitecture #architecture_hunter #morpholio #nextarch #architecturefactor #arch_grap #thearchitecturestudentblog #architecturestudent #loversofarchitecture #arch_impressive #artsytecture #architects_need
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