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@conscious_bee valeria’s skin care routine featuring our hydrating floral treatment toner 🥰💫
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Rose 🥀: there are over 100 species of roses. rose also grows into a fruit high in vitamins a and c, known as rosehip. rose is edible. it’s health benefits internally and externally are many. for centuries, rose has been known to be the ultimate symbol of love. valentine’s day may be over, but we can still enjoy roses everyday.❣️
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Jasmine 🌚: known for its intoxicating scent, jasmine grows in tropical, moist climates and flowers in spring-summer. they release their fragrance at night. this flower often represents sweetness, beauty, happiness, and elegance. besides being an aphrodisiac, the scent is said to release serotonin and decrease stress. topically, it is anti-bacterial, moisturizing, and protects skin from environmental stressors. spread the love and make yourself and your loved ones feel special everyday with a little help from jasmine. ❣️
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A valentine’s day look 🌹🥀
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Birch bark: an amazing, underrrated ingredient. a plethora of birch trees grow in northern climates, and are especially common in eastern europe/russia. they are one of the oldest species of trees still around today. it can be used as a dietary supplement due to it’s wide array of nutrients that help support digestion, liver function, detox, and increase immune function. for skin, birch bark is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, brightens, inhibits elastin breakdown, and encourages the growth of collagen. ultimately, it will help keep your skin plump, healthy, and happy. it can be used as a supplement to promote skin health as well. food grade, wild crafted birch extract can be found in our hydrating floral treatment toner!
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We are experiencing so much rain in california this season! we could be expecting another superbloom. ☔️🌷🌼🌸
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Outfit inspiration for this polar vortex and la ☔️
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After experiencing so many different run ins with my skin and health, and learning from so many others on their issues and concerns, my goal was to create a skin care line that truly helped make a difference and made people look and feel good. our trio of products, made with hardworking high quality botanicals, work to help increase skin health, youthfulness, and radiance, while being specifically formulated with sensitive, breakout prone skin in mind.
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The gorgeous and glowing @ryupure using our entire collection for her 3 step routine. 🥰✨
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Essentials to get us through monday
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Helichrysum and rose, our two favorite essential oils, and star ingredients in the repairing botanical elixir. helichrysum, or immortelle, is a unique flower that unbelievably never withers or fades. it contains rare diketones that have the ability to regenerate skin and accelerate wound healing. helichrysum is amazing for dark spots, acne, and any kind of scars. rose damascena has been shown to increase skin’s permeability, meaning it helps your skin to absorb more nutrients and beneficial ingredients. it is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, helps to combat acne, refine skin texture, and prevent the breakdown of collagen.
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Lock in essential hydration and moisture and protect your skin from the elements during this season’s polar vortex with our nourishing trio of organic botanicals. ❄️🥀
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