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When quarantine finally starts getting to you👹 @hok @phillipchbeeb @phoenixbanuelos @makenzie_dustman @salelektro @illi.milli
8 487 2 weeks ago
Ok so let’s just end this debate once and for all... mask on? or mask off? 😷 by @phillipchbeeb @hok
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0 115 June 2020
⭕️ s h o e s ⭕️ | by @liza_riabinina for @helenmarlengroup | who knew that shoes can dance too??👠| #axyzm #movementdesign
5 162 May 2020
⭕️ k a t a n a ⭕️ by @ryoga_xtrap @zange_xtrap @kenshin_xtrap | old meets new. what do you think the samurais would’ve thought if they saw this back in their era??⚔️ | 📹 @yoshiohhoryen | #movementdesign @axyzm
3 378 May 2020
By @hok | here is the handface dance that you never knew you needed in your life✌️🖐👌 commissioned for @adobe @adobe video | 🎵: @sabriel_music | @axyzm
1 157 May 2020
⭕️all around me⭕️ w/ @phillipchbeeb and @makenzie_dustman | a visual choreographed and directed by phillip chbeeb (co-directed by nick demoura) for @justinbieber ‘s new album! watch the rest on justin bieber’s youtube account!
3 291 March 2020
⭕️g r o c e r y⭕️ by @hok @phoenixbanuelos | literally no one:
movement designer: ok, let me show you how i would grab an avocado 🥑 | 📹 @ginaatkinson | 🎵: @chancetherapper | @axyzm
12 349 February 2020
⭕️lady love⁣⭕️ movement designers: @makenzie_dustman
magical sounds: “trigger protection mantra” by @jheneaiko
5 555 February 2020
⭕️ t a b l e ⭕️ | by @sadeckwaff @zid_yz @kanon_gs @jib_ghettostyle @ammardancer | if it has a shape, there are endless possibilities for movement!! a great idea by @geometrie_variable to change the focus and use what’s around our everydaylives! 🛋🚪@ikeausa
9 730 November 2019
⭕️u n l i m b i t e d ⭕️ | w/ @sofiedossi @montanatucker | very grateful montana made this little trio happen! i loved the whole process of playing with our three very different bodies to create this. every new body offers so much novelty i know i’ve only scratched the surface with these two, but it’s a scratch worthy of the itch i felt to work with them! :) | 🎥: | 🎼: love be like (remix) @masego (feat. jr jarris) #creativitysnippets
9 491 November 2019
⭕️ b r a c e ⭕️| w/ @phillipchbeeb @jakekodish | jake’s place is always filled with positivity and i’m always grateful for the chance to ruin it by making us stress over the position of a single arm or foot haha. though, by the end, i always feel the immortality of the creativity in the room, and fall in love with the moves we uncover from the infinite possibilities of our exploration. thanks for letting my weird brain run around your apartment jake. | #creativitysnippets | 🎥: @slaterkodish
9 707 November 2019