Bayley Stylist at Element 5 Salon ✂️ @beautyybybay
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I really wanted to take a photo, chris really wanted to keep eating our turkey burger
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Bingo, limeade, footlong corndogs #comeonskinnyjeans
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Even though we somehow end up matching every saturday, she seems to tolerate me. (enough to live with me i guess?) #froomie
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Does anyone know where the slobber rag is?
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The sunflower in a field of weeds, how i love you so mama bear 💖
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I don't know what caption to put with selfies , so here it is
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It's not often we are able to get the whole crew together. . big bear clan 4 evs 🤩💖
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We played, we saw the giant creek swoosh, we waited for a long time for a food truck. #staystrapped
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I didn't mean for it to happen this way, but it did. it be like that #itdo
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You can find us lounging on the concrete , all summer 18 #idontknowwhatplanetimon
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Beautiful day, beautiful people, beautiful country
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Uncle matthew
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