Bayley Stylist at Element 5 Salon ✂️ @beautyybybay
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I miss carowinds and @kaylasheltonk
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Very especially thankful for you, and you. i love you.
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Big bear hugs for my big bear family. happy thanksgiving from mine to yours 🧡
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It's november 2nd, which of course means it's that time of year to celebrate my most favorite human on the entire planet. chrysler you're 17 today which absolutely blows my mind. i've watched you grow into such an amazing, god fearing, and genuine person. you b**w me away every single day with your talent and your charisma. you mean the absolute world to me and even as we grow up and start to do our own thing, you will always be my car karaoke partner, my pillsbury cookie connoisseur, the han to my anna, and my very best friend. happy birthday beautiful boy. shine like the star you are 🤩
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People underestimate the power of nostalgia. nostalgia is truly one of the greatest human weaknesses , second only to the neck
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I really wanted to take a photo, chris really wanted to keep eating our turkey burger
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Bingo, limeade, footlong corndogs #comeonskinnyjeans
0 117 October 2018
Even though we somehow end up matching every saturday, she seems to tolerate me. (enough to live with me i guess?) #froomie
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Does anyone know where the slobber rag is?
3 126 September 2018
The sunflower in a field of weeds, how i love you so mama bear 💖
2 94 August 2018
I don't know what caption to put with selfies , so here it is
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It's not often we are able to get the whole crew together. . big bear clan 4 evs 🤩💖
2 127 August 2018