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😂😂😂 this is what happens when people start misyarning from frustration and tiredness. we discovered a song we had recorded live had cable noise, i don't know how we missed it! anyways, @iamnsikak_ refused to track guitars because the noise was distracting and @tiwezi wasn't helping. last last we had to re-record.
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Eyes = innocent, but aware of what it could be..
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Ladies and gents...(mostly ladies, but also gents with ladies, or sisters, or.... you get the point) aisle perfect is now perfête! check out @helloperfete for exciting sturvessss, ignore at your peril 😂
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Year of the scorpio 🦂
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Able god! you showered your blessings!
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This picture sums up my 2018, a year of taking out to time to think and recalibrate. sometimes we're on a fast moving train and fail to realise the joys of everything that has been freely given to us. while we pursue career, wealth and greatness, it is great to remember that we all leave the earth someday and what is most important is the mark we leave on the lives of others. 2019 is the year to do more than just hustle, earn, b**w and floss. it's a year of adding real value to people and establishing that as a life long habit. happy new year!!!! #newyear #loveyouall
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Such an awesome day today! the result of my hard labour forced upon me by @titoidakula paid off...nothing but love for my fam and thank you all for bringing warmth into our home ❤ from us, we wish you all a merry christmas and the best of the season!
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After a night of questioning avalanche (what does that even mean?), this has been voted as the best answer by our panel! join us again when next you see a prompt, until next time, merry christmas!!
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@kalineofficial awesome musicianship, great entertainment, ridiculous attention to detail, 20 costume changes 😂, from a musician to another, i can say i'm so proud of you kaline and the work you put in to make this concert happen, e no easy but you killed it! ( i sha saw beyonce and bezlive inspiration shaaa lol! )
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Bez idakula x teni makanaki
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#tbt to that electric solo for supersun! 🙌
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I can finally share! my boy @spaceshipboi was contracted to create the music for the 2019 grammy commercial!!! why would they contact him out of the hundreds of millions of people creating music?? well...hardwork, great skill, a strong belief in himself, and biggest of all, grace! congrats bro, bigger things to come!
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