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Had a great conversation with h.e @jidesanwoolu . i've always said that my purpose is to add value to people through my music. it is clearer now. we will take the much needed steps to create the impact that our young creative community yearns for. thank you sir for hosting me.
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see who visited my office to show support. bez the singer-songwriter and artist. we had a refreshing conversation. we are getting ready for a new lagos. 👏🏻👏🏻 #sanwoeko #sanwo4 governor #sanwooluhamzat2019 #sanwo4youths
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In 2016 we started a concert series "bezlive" to showcase the very best of alternative music. we have successfully produced 3 events in different locations with over 7,000 people in attendance. this huge success has inspired many other artists to create and produce their events, knowing there is a market for any kind of music if done properly. the success of bezlive also gave me the opportunity to be one of 11 artists selected out of 600 applications globally for the midem artist accelerator in cannes, france. this year, we will not be having a 'bezlive'. we are on the path to create a bigger platform not just for alternative music, but for any artist doing music excellently. we will not be doing this alone as we have learnt that to truly build something of great impact, we need to collaborate. so we invite you to stay tuned on our next project and hop on board when it's time. thank you to the bezlive team, our corporate partners and to everyone for your love and support. see you in mega 2019!
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I've been creating new ideas for my next project and mehn, have they been pouring in! each time i think i have something amazing, something else comes. working on turning everything to great songs. i realised also that i am drawn to creating more unique african sounds. excited about creating again! #organicsound #newsound #newbezidakula #newvision #newpurpose #nobodyshouldstealitoh!! #stealsefanotherweecome
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There is a voice of truth buried deep inside of us that prompts us. my goal is to tune to its frequency, listen carefully, and follow. it will be a more interesting journey.
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Jam!!! hey! 😎
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This life is only one oh!! 💥
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Sounding soooo good!
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Amazing sessions with @shaddij
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If you do not know where you are going, everywhere will look like your destination. what do you see in your mind's eye? do you let things you see with your physical eye blur that vision? see the end, keep your eyes there. no shaking.
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Prepare for your expectations 📸@dliciousclicksphotography
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