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The glorious harbour bridge is celebrating its 87th birthday this week

some of my best memories are wrapped around this magnificent structure

circular quay was home for the first 3 years and then again for a year a few years later and even though i wish i’d witnessed every sunrise and sunset, i feel immensely grateful for having witnessed the harbour in all it’s glory

the harbour is where i take everyone who first lands in sydney - there are few things more magnificent than watching the sun set while having a drink at the opera bar

agree ?

in the midst of finding the perfect picture of the harbour i found a hundreds via @drruthcollins and was amazed by her pictures. thank you for allowing us to share your glorious imagery 🖤
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About time we officially introduced you to aqua

she’s bold
she’s confident
she’s energetic
she’s sparkly
she’s an absolute stunner

swipe right for details

the best thing - @bidiliia rings are all adjustable so you can make them fit perfectly
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Bidiliia Jewellery

would s*x get you excited and feel sparkly a week after ?

no really - would you ?

wake up feeling sparkly confident and fabulous with @bidiliia
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For the silvers drop i chose to get my moodboards sorted - the way i’d been taught in design school

find your colours, let the shapes flow

truth be told i rarely follow teachings, i learn (i love learning) and then i do it my way

however, the choices with silvers were too many, we’ve never really focused on silver before (don’t ask me why because i don’t have an answer)

and this digital art via @paulfuentes_design was one of the first to make sense when i was thinking of silvers and you can almost see how @bidiliia aqua and rouge came to be, right ?

also makes me wonder on how everyone else gets there inspiration

how do you get inspired to do the things you do ?
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Bidiliia Jewellery
Monday’s are a great day to remember that you don’t need sunshine to sparkle

you can be your own sunshine or adorn something sparkly af from @bidiliia

our rings come with wiggle time, once they’re on your finger you’re guaranteed to stare at its sparkliness and admire & appreciate yourself more

side note : sparkles are an easy way to boost confidence, they have the lbd affect

pictured : delite dual stone sparkly goodness
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It’s been a daunting weekend and it’s not the weather

i love rain, makes me feel alive. everything’s lush and full of life and getting wet in the rain is one of the best things ever

i can do it, knowing that i won’t catch a chill and get sick (the perks of having rheumatoid arthritis) but it’s not something i’d advice you to do unless you have ra - then do it ♥️ but also thrive, do the thing you want to do

don’t let ‘what’ll people say’ stop you - ever

#bebrave #beabetteryou #noregrets
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My heart sinks to see what has happened in one of the kindest and human friendly countries in the world

this is a new low for humanity

#newzealand #christchurch #christchurchshooting #stopthisinsanity #bekind #bethechange #bethegoodintheworld #newlowforhumanity #prayforchristchurch
picture credits to yeo 🖤
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Warm weather followed by hail storms - climate change is real

what are you waiting for ?

it’s never been easier to buy what you need, choose well and make it last

honest reminder on a winters day in summer @anahardesign via @fash_rev_ausnz
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Delite won’t let you down like your socials did today 💜

elegant and unique drop hook earrings with burgundy delite swarovski crystal finished with rhodium perfection

turning your sparkles on has never been prettier. non fussy drop hook earrings with simple detailing that focus on the purple and blue sparkly swarovski crystal

if you're looking to zhuzh up your outfit or your day these gorgeous ethical earrings will make it happen

find yours @bidiliia - link in bio

swipe right for details
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It’s true

also that life’s too short to wear blah mass manufactured jewellery

wear ethical
wear handmade
treat your jewellery well so you can make it last

but, always wear sparkly jewellery

find your sparkles at @bidiliia
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This picture via @nature was our inspiration among a few others while picking colours

and it gave me the confidence to start picking blues

when i used to paint blue was it one of the toughest colours for me to handle and i remember trying to paint my version of the starry night and finding those fluid perfect blues quite a challenge

and to think nature shines the most beautiful blues at us and all we need to do is look up instead of staring at our screens

i love watching colours and being inspired - if there’s a rainbow - i’ll stop and stare until it fades

where do you find inspiration?
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truth be told we weren’t going to share this until tomorrow but we could not resist

delite-fully sparkly, these rings are at another level

there’s woah and then there’s woah but these @bidiliia rings are just wooaahhh

the statement ring/s you dream of

brilliantly charming these have the ability to sparkle your gloomiest days

set on rhodium plating, the delite rings are one of swarovskis new colour releases combined with black patina and silver patina (because we couldn’t choose one 🤦🏽‍♀️) jump online @bidiliia and view the delite dual stone statement ring in all it’s glory along with all the new release silvers #realstyleirooni #sustainableluxury #statementjewelry #statementring
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