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Lately i’ve been thinking about how social media apps can cause problems in our relationships. what it offers and takes away. it’s positive and negative influences.

believe it or not, it’s possible to discover enough about a person on ig based on their posts, activity, and who they follow. that doesn’t make you a stalker. you’re simply just getting an idea of who they are.

i’ve had this discussion plenty of times w men and women. you can disrespect your partner by following ex-flings, provocative women/men, slut-shaming accounts, etc. it really isn’t rocket science. be aware, you know?

females seem to be getting more upset about this and i get it. overall, women and men may feel insecure because it creates doubt knowing that this is where their significant others eyes land on a daily basis. it can promote an unhealthy sense of competition.

listen to your gut. if you feel disrespected, uncomfortable, concerned, doubtful, threatened...then you need to have a direct conversation w your partner.
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One day they are going to know. they’re going to know all of it. everything. you, from top to bottom and inside out. from learning, from sharing, from listening, and from watching. they are going to know every single thing there is to know, and you know what else? they are still going to love you.
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Unrequited love. oh, boy. lovers, friends, family...they’re all relationships. sometimes they are the toxic waste and sometimes you are. it’s totally okay if you’re in denial lol. eventually...we need to and have to check ourselves. for us and for them. emotionally, mentally, physically, and sexually. it’s hard. it can be confusing at times.

it’s important to be valued. to be valued means that you are appreciated for your role in their life. you can also be appreciated but it doesn't mean they value you.

time is precious. don’t waste it because they string pretty little words together that make you feel special if their actions don’t match up. “you are what you eat.” remember that? don’t surround yourself w bullshit. life’s too short man. stop giving a f**k lol and be the highlight of your own life. stop compromising your values. it’s f*****g up your self-worth.

don’t get me wrong. i want you to love. i want you to always give your all. but be aware y’all. your mindset and well-being is not a joke.

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Vice versa: “being a “good woman” is not synonymous with being a subservient woman. you’re better off being a good friend who holds them accountable and brings out the best in them. when you act like a s***e you just indulge his worst qualities and habits and he will remain stagnant as a person. then someday he will either outgrow you or get bored with you or not respect you. don’t fall for that trap of what a good woman/wife is supposed to be. a good woman is a good woman who can stand on her own and will drop you if you act like an ain’t s**t mother f****r because she knows she can do better and you can behave better. there’s nothing wrong with doing nice things for your significant other or taking good care of them, but don’t baby them. you’re not their mom, servant, maid etc...you’re a good woman who should be treated as such.”
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Choose joy. a phrase so simple, yet so powerful that changes one’s outlook on life. it helps us realize the power of our minds and the power of our attitude. a simple step in the path to a more positive life, and a constant reminder to choose happiness.
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“it’s important not to let other people’s confusion and indecisiveness take over our own paths, minds, and lives. nothing feels good about standing still for too long or even being in a place where we feel that we’re not going anywhere in life. don’t let yourself get caught up in other people’s confusion and indecisiveness. we should feel clarity and certainty about what we want, and where we desire to go. and how long you’re willing to wait is really up to you. but i can honestly tell you that if you wait too long, your life is going to pass you by and you’ll be missing out on a lot of moments where you could be experiencing a certain amount of happiness, whereas instead, you’ll likely be left feeling miserable, empty, incomplete, and even alone. don’t waste your time worrying, overthinking, and analyzing why a person isn’t making up their mind as to whether or not they want to be with you. if someone is truly confused and for a prolonged period of time about whether or not they want you in their life or to even explore a relationship with you, then i’d highly suggest simply moving on. we all need to appreciate what we have when we have it, not take others for granted, and definitely never waste our time with people that don’t value us, our time, and are very essence.” #realshit #swallowthat
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@brittaneybow did a little something, can you guess? thank you 😊
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One of my favorite films #cleopatra #elizabethtaylor #yas #boujee
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"if you want to be miserable just be a self centered person, only focusing on yourself everyday. anyone who wakes up just to feed their needs daily won't ever be truly happy. true joy comes from giving to others. this is not to be confused with self care. self care is not self centeredness. we need to heal from things, recharge, and get filled up so in turn we can pour out from our overflow onto others. the success will come." #realshit #swallowthat
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