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“my mission is to celebrate the richness and diversity of cultures within the african diaspora,” says artist adeyemi adegbesan (@yung.yemi ), who designed a face filter for afropunk (@afropunk ) this year.⁣

“going all the way back to my childhood, my own personal journey of trying to find out more about my nigerian heritage has always been a source of inspiration for me and that just spread to an interest in other african cultures and histories, and wanting to know more about black culture around the world,” says adeyemi, who lives in canada. “when you look at my work, it’s kind of like a synthesis of all of the things that i’m learning and being inspired by.” #shareblackstories⁣

check out @design to learn more about adeyemi’s art and see more stories about design from around the world.⁣

photos by @yung.yemi
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