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7 141 October 2018


Hello! just few days for halloween, and everybody is checking their costumes. i made this photoshoot thinking about a lego #monsterpizzaparty, i hope i have the time to make a photoshoot related to this idea.

here on mexico, we celebrate "día de muertos" (day of the dead), and we honor the people that already passed away, by offering food, drinks and a pray to our family members and friends. i'm also thinking about a pair of photos about this (but not momma coco this time). there are many minifigs without any significative change but i transformed them from flesh into yellowish minifigs, the modification for the witch from the minifigures series to look more like a normal dressed minifig, a grown-up red hood elpis using two capes and a paper made skirt, and at last i made a kind of anime-jrpg-mmorpg cosplayed witch, i really liked this last one for a fantasy castle theme.

#lego #minifigures #halloween #halloweenminifigures #mercenarylady #redhoodelpis #starwars #predator #captainamerica #pizza #magicalwitch #legocastle #anime #jrpg #mmorpg #cosplay
3 121 October 2018


I hope this amp and the small pedalboard be the end of my tone search!! #knowyourtone #voxac15c1 #mxr #dynacomp #xoticeffects #epbooster #fulltone #fulldrive2mosfet #empresseffects #echosystem #tcelectronics #halloffame #hof #fender #stratocaster #blacktop
i use a kind of wet-dry, using the advantages of the echosystem, so i decide which side has or not effects.
i use the ep booster for a f*t sound (like the f*t switch in fender amps), is just a push.
the dyna comp extracts more essence from the amp sound.

the fulldrive 2 mosfet is a great overdrive pedal due to its flexibility in tone.

and the hall of fame, which is from a friend, has many options, one print tone and it blends well with all the other pedals. i feel like it brings a little push to the overall sound and dynamics.
15 100 October 2018


Hello again! the black knights were one of the factions which i played during my childhood. these hard-to-die warriors had some problems with the black falcons and the wolfpack.

the black knights were up on the toy stores shelves during many years, until 1994~1995, when the royal knights arrived.

this set is the #6009 is very nice, simple, affordable and awesome, probaby has been the best black knights army builder, along with the knight from the black monarch's ghost. i have three of these ones, as every castle of these ages have 4 knights on horseback.

there is a trick to make the weapons rack to stand, just rotate the crossbow brick 90° to the outside, otherwise you have to use a larger brick.

another trick to get the general from the 6086, was to get yellow plumes from the dragon knights sets.

#lego #legobackground #legovintagecastle #legocastlebackground #legominifigures #legoblackknights #blackknights #6009 #lego6009
with this set, i think i finished doing photoshoots to all my small classic castle sets, so is time for the medium and large ones!
18 198 October 2018


"look at all the exciting toys that this set can build" told in standard size letters the box of this very fun set.

it is quite popular that #lego launches one jousting knights set per generation, however this isn't a rule of the company.

i'm sure that the set that i'm sharing in this photo has even a pair of years more than me, lol. these sets were launched around 1982. i must tell that the horses probably aren't the original ones that came with the set.

i consider that these small jousting knights sets are great to build armies quite fast, but in recent years, lego has been reducing the number of the minifig included on the sets to increase the number of bricks to bring more details.

#6021 #legobackground #legovintagecastle #legocastlebackground #legominifigures #legoclassiccastle #legocastle #legoblackfalcons #legocrusaders #legolionknights #lego6021
7 160 October 2018


...and post-effects results.

looks like this is the kind of scenario (background) for the castle classic era, when the crusaders/lion knights, forestmen and black falcons existed.

i'll try some orange/pink lines to simulate the clouds, but i think they were made in a pc and printed.

#lego #legovintagecastle #legocastlebackground #legominifigures #legoclassiccastle #legocastle
11 164 October 2018


Hello! a new photoshoot testing is here. so, i've been wondering how the lighting helps to get better photos, so this time i returned to the last kitchen spot and also i used a mirror to redirect some lightning to the photo place.
this time i'm not using any filter or brightness/contrast adjustment.
i'm still using the last yellow paper and i added for the ground "kraft paper" (that's how is known here). at the end, i'm adding an official lego picture, that's my current target for my sets landscape during photos. i think i need more lighting sources.

#lego #legovintagecastle #legoclassiccastle #legocastlebackground #legominifigures #legocastle #nofilter
12 186 October 2018


Alright! this is the test with the new yellow paper. seems that the past one was more "green" colored and this one is more into the "red" color zone. so, i'm finding that the lighting really does matter: distance to the source, angle, lamp type and so on.

anyway, this is the #6038 set, it was very liked by everyone because it had many accesories to play with it. this faction is called the "wolfpack" and they're supossed to be smugglers/thieves, living as outlaws, but i've seen that many collectors loves the #wolfpack like the forestmen.

the story told in the catalogues is about these two "wolf people" were in a hurry, running out from the black knights' fortress (6086) with a ton of stuff in their carriage. but, for this photoshoot, during their way they met with the black falcons. why the black falcons suddenly stopped the wolfpack in their way?

#lego #legocastle #legoclassiccastle #legobackground #legocastlebackground #wolfpack #6038 #blackfalcons #smugglersrun #lego6038
16 202 October 2018


Thinking about if this color matches better for a vintage background looking! #legovintagecastle #lego #legocastle #legobackground #legocastlebackground
we'll know it soon! 🀞🀞🀞
2 137 October 2018


So, my next step is to make some photoshoots of the vintage sets i have, however i would like to mount a background like the original sets in yellow colored boxes. at the moment i used a yellow colored sheet to check how does it looks.

this is the #6034 set from the #lego #blackknights faction, it is a small but a humble set, which had a knight on horseback and the recent introduced ghost minifigure. i remember to like a lot this knight minifigure more than the 6009 when i played with it in my childhood. i read this set is part of the 6085 castle (i need to check that ;) #legovintagecastle #legoclassiccastle #lego6034
8 173 September 2018