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New zealand was a dream.
0 14 2 days ago
Snow bunny ❄🐰
0 14 2 weeks ago
My best friend 💕💕💕💕
0 9 2 weeks ago
One day i will learn how to take a selfie, today is not that day. #blurryface
0 7 2 weeks ago
We should call ourselves the febreze brothers cause it's feeling so fresh right now
0 10 3 weeks ago
Bling blaw burrrr
0 12 3 weeks ago
So excited to spend this day with the love of my life. i love you aaron rodgers. it's cool corey is here too.
1 16 3 weeks ago
Mele kalikimaka from my little menehune! 🎄
1 30 4 weeks ago
My japanese grandpa just send me this photo and my heart can't take it 😍
0 10 4 weeks ago
That's a wrap for new zealand.
0 21 5 weeks ago
Lake wanaka
0 14 5 weeks ago
The adventure capital of the world! | queenstown, new zealand
0 19 last month
Key summet, milford sound
0 11 last month
Ketekete falls, new zealand
1 18 last month
I can confirm new zealand has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. i can also confirm they have some of the hottest sand in the world. but who needs feet with such beautiful views?! 🌊☀️
0 16 last month
Bay of islands, new zealand
1 21 last month
Bay of islands, new zealand
1 12 last month
Happy birthday to my best friend in the world @chelseaomg ! the only person i would literally jump off a bridge for, the only person i know that can catch a fish upside down. thank you for always encouraging me to live outside my comfort zone. cheers to many more worldly adventures.
1 15 last month
Auckland, new zealand
1 29 last month
The most selfless and kind hearted soul
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