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So world sleep day is this friday πŸ’€ do you have problems sleeping? if so you may want to borrow my ‘sleep basket’ for a few days. this will give you the chance to try a selections of products all designed to help you sleep better and sounder so you wake up feeling refreshed. the basket contains; soto diffuser calming essential oil pillow mist night time remedies to roll beauty sleep concentrate beauty sleep body butter if you live in the exeter area then you are welcome to try these products for a few days to see if you find them beneficial. please comment below or message me claire x πŸ’€πŸ’™πŸ’€πŸ’™πŸ’€πŸ’™πŸ’€πŸ’™πŸ’€πŸ’™πŸ’€ #worldsleepday #sleepawarenessweek #aromatherapy #sleepissues #nealsyardremediesorganic #diffuser #essentialoils #beautysleep #trybeforeyoubuy #organicsleep
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Celebrating international women’s day... πŸ’™ proud to work with an organisation that not only treats women with equality, but empowers them, around the world. πŸ’™ at neal's yard remedies organic, we offer women the opportunity to develop themselves, starting their own business and increasing their skills and self worth, working alongside an ethical brand. πŸ’™ we create partnerships around the world, with our suppliers, supporting community projects, in particular, for women and children, assisting them to improve their lifestyle and future prospects. if you’d love to work for an ethical brand & alongside me and a group of amazing, inspiring women, i’d love to tell you more about the opportunity to join my team. please let me know if you would like an information pack? #peoplehelpingpeople #internationalwomensday #nealsyardremediesorganic #nyrorganic #strongwomen #secondincome #dosomethingdifferent
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I’m very excited to announce that if you sign up to be a consultant with neal’s yard remedies you now have a choice of starter kit....rose or frankincense πŸ’• which one would you chose? #frankincense #rose #essentialoils #starterkit #newbusiness #newstart #joinmyteam #nyrorganic #nealsyardremediesorganic #passiveincome
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I received all of these products either free or half price when i placed my recent 20% off sale order πŸ’™πŸ‘ as a consultant not only do you benefit from a minimum of 25% discount but you also have the opportunity to amazing offers plus free & half price products dependent on the value of your orders. if you fancy some of this then please get in touch and i can give you further information.... #bluebottles #feedyourhabit #nyrorganicconsultant #joinmyteam #freeorganicproducts #freeproducts #lovelyjob
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Have arrived home from holiday to the 20% off sale delivery πŸ’™ i have a little assistant helping me sort the orders. can you spot yours? #nealsyardremedies #nealsyardremediesorganic #nyrorganic #saleorders #organicproducts #wanttojoinmyteam #lovemyjob
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πŸ’₯surprise flash sale!!!!!! πŸ’₯ 20% off the entire neals yard remedies range (excluding pre discounted bundles) please message me by 8pm wednesday night with your orders 😊 #sale #nealsyardremediesorganic #nyrorganic #flashsale #organicsale #dontmissout
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Happy valentines day πŸ’•πŸ’™πŸ’• #sharethelove #valentinesday #nyrorganic #nealsyardremedies #organicproducts
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πŸ’™last chance to register for only £50 πŸ’™ this offer ends at midnight tonight. this is a truly flexible opportunity, unlike some companies i have come across. you really can choose how much, how often and when you do this. which is why everyone gets invited as it can fit in with whatever life you lead. contact me for more info or sign up via link in bio #lastdayofoffer #nyroconsultant #nyrorganic #nealsyardremediesorganic #joinmyteam #secondincome #therapist #lovemyjob #organicbusiness #newopportynity
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Just 5 days left to take advantage of this! πŸ’™ this is the gorgeous business starter kit you'll receive when you join neal’s yard remedies organic and register for only £50 during our fresh start campaign between now and 12th february!! it's full of some of our favourite nyr blue bottles, including the multi award winning and beloved wild rose beauty balm 🌺. there's everything you need to get started!! terrific products and sufficient business stationery to get your business off the ground! are you looking for a fresh start? why not try neal's yard remedies organic on for size? if you’d like to find out more about this family owned, ethical and environmentally friendly business which is on a mission to 'change the world, one blue bottle at a time' πŸ’™πŸŒΏ. what you don’t see in the image is the incredible community of supportive business owners #bettertogether #peoplehelpingpeople or the consultant website ... or the amazing corporate team at our eco factory in dorset ... all there to support you! 😊 if this sounds like something you'd like to explore, i’d love to hear from you so get in touch with me or tag a friend who might be interested. remember: this offer is running for a limited time only - ends 12th february. πŸ’™ link for further info and to sign up in bio #workfromhome #organicbusiness #ethicalbusiness #joinmyteam #nealsyardremediesorganic #nyrorganic #loveyourjob #devonbusiness #bestdecisionever
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** limited time offer ** discover how you can become a home-based independent consultant for neal's yard. for a limited time, you will be supplied with everything you need to start for only £50. link in bio for further info just add a comment below to receive more details. πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡ #nealsyardremediesorganic #nyrorganic #homebasedbusiness #workfromhome #joinmyteam #organicopportunities #newcareer #exeterbusiness #devonbusiness
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Are you suffering with the january blues? struggling to sleep and then struggling to wake up? πŸ’€πŸ˜«πŸ’€πŸ˜« hate waking up to the shrill sound of your alarm? πŸ‘Ž then you need this as it has an incredible 30% off for a very limited period. further details on the product in comments below. πŸ’™plus for the first 3 people to order one i will also throw in a free ‘night time’ essential oil blend worth £11.50 πŸ’™ #seasonalaffectivedisorder #sad #essentialoils #freeessentialoils #nealsyardremedies #nyrorganic #devonbusiness #januaryblues #depressed #sleepissues #wakeupnaturally
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I have sent out lots of recruitment packs over the last couple of weeks to those who are interested in learning more about joining this company. if you are also curious as to how this business could work for you then please let me know and i will pop some info, a brochure and a few samples in the post to you. as i have said many times, i’m so glad i made the decision to sign up 2 years ago and it would be great for you to join me on this journey. claire x #joinorganic #organiclifestyle #ethicalbusiness #joinmyteam #bepartofateam #lovemyjob #nealsyardremediesorganic #nyrorganic #devonbusiness #exeter
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Have you seen my previous posts about joining neal’s yard remedies as a consultant but not actually ‘jumped in’ and gone for it. why is that? the current £50 joining offer is an amazing chance to start your own business where you set your hours, decide your targets and it’s on your terms. if you only have an hour spare a week then thatshow much time you give it. if you want this to be a full time job with unlimited earning potential then go for it, you will receive all the help, support and training so you can achieve this. anything in between can also work too, it’s your choice. i’m personally so glad i decided to make that jump just over 2 years ago. i have made some amazing new friends, learnt loads, gained confidence, received some amazing incentive rewards and now earn a very nice second income......all for doing something i love and is really fun!! it would be great to welcome you to the team, so please get in touch if you have any further questions or would like to be sent some info? or if you have already decided to be brave and jump in just click on the link in bio and sign up and start your new journey now! claire xx #joinmyteam #nealsyardremediesorganic #nyrorganic #passiveincome #secondincome #bluebottles #ethicalbusiness #organicbusiness #lovemyjob
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Are you a complementary therapist? yoga, pilates or dance teacher? fitness instructor? personal trainer? if so then why not consider joining an ethical and organic company that can provide you with a second income whilst complementing your existing business. this is exactly what i did and was the best decision i ever made. absolutely amazing joining offer of just £50 available now. message me for further info or to be sent some samples and info on joining πŸ’™ #therapist #massagetherapist #reflexologist #indianheadmassage #pilatesteacher #yogateacher #danceteacher #sportsmassagetherapist #secondincome #passiveincome #joinmyteam
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How funny as i have have just spent today at this years january jumpstart and can’t believe how another 12 months down the line i am now a group leader with a team of almost 90 consultants. still loving everything about this company and wonder where i will be in another 12 months πŸ’™ #dosomethingyoulove #bestdecisionever #sogladisignedup #nealsyardremediesorganic #nyrorganic #joinmyteam #passiveincome #flexibleworking #joinnow
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πŸ’™πŸŒΈ i'm so excited to announce that neal’s yard remedies have launched a special joining offer; come onboard with an award winning, ethical & british company for just £50! receive a fabulous starter kit, your own personalised website plus earn good commission and enjoy big discounts & freebies. i am loving nyr, i’m so glad i made the decision to join! excited to share this fabulous opportunity so you can love nyr & start your own amazing blue bottle journey too...pm me for more details or to receive a free info pack πŸŒΈπŸ’™ or sign up via link in bio #newchallenge #changeyourlife #flexibleworking #workfromhome #excitingopportunity #joinmyteam #nealsyardremediesorganic #nyrorganic #exeterbusiness #devonbusiness
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Today had been my first day back ‘at work’ and it’s been a neal’s yard day. feeling very grateful that i no longer have that sinking dread of returning to work after a holiday. today i have fitted in going to the gym,walking to the garage to collect my car, 2 school runs and have still ‘worked’. i love being able to mange my time and not being answerable to a ‘boss’ tomorrow i am spending the day in birmingham at a monthly ‘leaders meeting’. looking forward to catching up with lots of fellow leaders and hearing about exciting plans for 2018 πŸ’™ if anyone is interested in changing their life and starting 2018 with a new challenge then please get in touch as i would love to have a chat about how this business could work for you. claire #newyearnewopportunities #workyourownhours #newoppurtunities #joinmyteam #nealsyardremedies #nyrorganic #lovemyjob
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I’ve heard other nyr consultants talk about this loads and can’t believe i have never tried it until this evening. proscecco mixed with organic elderberry syrup.....tastes amazing and i reckon it must be healthy tooπŸ˜‰πŸ’•πŸ˜‚ #prosecco #elderberrysyrup #organic #christmasdrinks #caniclassthisashealthy #nyrorganic
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Do you still need xmas presents? if so read on..... free delivery to anywhere in the uk on all orders placed through my website this weekend 🎁🎁 guaranteed pre xmas delivery 🚚🚚 plus receive a free aromatic foaming bath when you spend £50 or more πŸ’™πŸ’™ please comment if you would like me to send you the link to my website? #freedelivery #aromaticfoamingbath #freeproduct #prexmasdelivery #nealsyardremedies #nealsyardremediesorganic #nyrorganic #organic #organicgifts
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Loving my card i received today from a senior leader congratulating me on my recent promotion to group leader.... #nyrorganicleader #nealsyardremediesorganic #lovemyjob #isthisreallywork #careerplan #joinmyteam #selfemployed #setyourownhours #workwhenyouwant
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