salma this girl is probably never meeting snc
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— attitude problem‍儭
ain’t my fault - zara larsson
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— there’s a light
let me down slowly - alec benjamin
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— all the things she said, running through my head
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— let me take the sam that’s my age
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ac/rm ailurophxle / cc stqrry / dt ??? mb sabrina bc she had to deal with me rantjng about sam hurley
(in no way shape or form do i hate any of these boys! this is just a joke its just an edit pls i love them both w my whole heart)
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— ♀毋劾 拎 h <3
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— colby soft brock :’)
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— wow 拎
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Heya, i’ve been bedridden for the past few days and couldn’t edit so take this old ugly short edit lol #samandcolby #samgolbach #colbybrock
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— pack your bags <33
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this is veryyy simple but i like it :))
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— bad romance ;)
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looked wayyy better in ae but whatever.
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— that’s alright <3
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this is for jenny’s collab bc i haven’t finished my edit i was doing so i’d rather post this than not post at all (this is legit only 4 secs omg i apologize)
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#whyilovesamandcolby the past few years with them have been such a blessing. these two have literally made my days so much better, they are one of the most sweetest most genuine guys i know. they will literally try to do anything for us, for our own happiness, they deserve that same happiness they always give us. they are hard workers, they post every week for us and our entertainment! i literally adore them and i love them so much i don’t know how i would cope without them. i appreciate these boys so muchhhh, i cannot express my feelings towards them enough, bc i would just go on and on and on but anyways, i love my boys so much from the bottom of my heart and i am so so happy that they are well and alive
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