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Itsgoing to beabeautiful white xmasthis year fortha lil whitegirl ⛄
8 24 2 days ago
Ifeel like we doit cuz weseemingly can't changebut sadly thisspecifically willbecome our doom
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Wehave been sinning forfar too long pardon us pleasei'm sosorry lord¡
8 38 1 weeks ago
"🖌️: jheronimus bosch
garden of earthly delight, 1503-1515"
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But (song preview second slide)
on all major streaming platforms now!
"🖌️: jheronimus bosch
garden of earthly delight, 1503-1515"
"🎼: @douwedeta x @dalai_dunce - illusion (oh well)"
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"🖌️: jheronimus bosch
garden of earthly delight, 1503-1515"
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Watch me & @douwedeta discuss about the meaning of our recently released ep "essence" now on the @resurrectorz.inc youtube channel. credits go to @zenovdoren from @big_footage
5 42 September 2018
Lost in the sauce w/ my @blancpages.studios on.
📸:@iamsanderr from @perspektivmedia
? music video tomorrow on the @resurrectorz.inc channel. music by me & @douwedeta animation by @niekgrootendorst yaheard?
3 58 September 2018
? (on your mind) animated video by @niekgrootendorst this friday (09/14)
"with '? (on your mind)' @douwedeta & @dalai_dunce have taken a variation of painful subjects like depression, ignorance, disbelieve and suicide. all these come forward through a catchy 'run along' vibe with soft vocals but confronting lyrics. the song has been accompanied by a beautifully crafted animation that extends the song beyond imagination about the feeling of being a statue and not living your life but your life being lived. this powerful combination of audio and video makes for a clear message that is intended to inspire."
3 32 September 2018
Essence ep out now everywhere.
📸:@karelaarts from @perspektivmedia
"pedal to the metal, thru life i travel. smokin' out my adam's apple, s**t makes me wonder is my voice the devils? all the s**t i unravel, meant to make me mental? am i special.. or just a piece of gravel? nah, i'm a mf'n peaceful fellow with a lethal tempo, imma be succesful."
9 79 September 2018
Essence ep, out now everywhere.
brought to you with love and understanding by deta @douwedeta and dalai @dalai_dunce 🖋️:@poison.season
"essence has been found, it's right here in the air. lessons are profound, not for those who don't care. blessings all around, for all us fair and square. the message is announced, you either get it or you can't. 😉"
0 20 September 2018
This monday (09/03), me and my brother bringing y'all the sauce! #essence_ep 📸:@zenovdoren from @big_footage
9 58 August 2018