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Here i sit this morning, reflecting on my own contradictory feelings and beliefs. it's been a pretty tough few days here, much more than the 'normal' tough days. so i've been thinking a lot. about everything that brings me down or makes me feel bad. i want to figure out a way to eliminate them from my life, or at least decrease them while i'm stuck in this very long current sitiation. i can not continue to live this way because my heart and my soul is broken beyond repair at this point and every day it gets worse.
but, i digress.
one of the most important but contradictory issues is that i believe a gazillion percent in body positivity and loving thyself, but on the same token, i look at photos of myself and what i see makes me unhappy. even worse, i see women larger and with more rolls than me loving themselves and i think it's wonderful and beautiful and i want to be just like them. and at times i am. at times, i feel amazing. but truth be told, those times are due to good camera angles and good lighting. not me, not me loving myself, not me feeling confident, not me feeling sexy, not me being happy, not me.
this 50/50 thought process is not healthy or fair. and i absolutely hate it. i'm d****d by it. it's impossible to make much progress at all on my fitness journey because of my confusion on my true feelings.
so i ask myself these questions:
do i love myself?
do i love my body?
yes & no. (there's your sign, d)
do i want to look different?
yes. wayyyyyy different. (another flag)
do i want to enjoy life?
do i want to be pain free?
oh hell yes.
do i want to try new things?
do i need to keep going?
what's the verdict here?
i'm not body positive in regards to myself, only other women. (cont. ⬇) #bodypositivity #bodypositive #plussize #effyourbeautystandards #selflove #loveyourself #bopo #positivity #body #f*t #bodypositivitymovement #fatbabe #transformation #bodypositivityoninstagram #goldenconfidence #bodypositivityenespañol #bodypositivityproject #art #bodypositivitymandala #bodypositivityx #beauty #bodypositivityforall #fatshion #yogaeveryday #honormycurves #bodypositivityblogger #bodypositivitynight #g*y #alternativecurves #beautiful
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This young lady is alexandria joy lowitzer. her date of birth is february 3rd 1994. ali was taken away from her friends and family in spring, tx at the age of 16 by an unknown individual.
on the morning of april 26th 2010, ali woke up, got on the school bus and went to spring high school like she did any other day. after school, she got off the bus a few houses down from her home and called her mom to get permission to walk to work a few blocks away to pick up her paycheck at a local restaurant called the burger barn.
somewhere along the way, someone stopped ali from getting there. she disappeared right off the street with only her cellphone, the clothes that she was wearing and her book bag. police in spring have not made much effort (if any) to locate ali despite the fact that strong tips and leads continued to come in after her disappearance. the family decided that they were going to need a private investigator if they wanted a chance find out anything... they hired one.
it was discovered that 6 weeks after ali had disappeared from spring, her cellphone had become active. her e-mail account was accessed using the password and the phone was pinging in las vegas, nevada. it was also discovered that a phone number that ali had made calls to actually belonged to an escort service in that area. not long after getting the new information, the pings stopped completely.
according to information pertaining to ali's phone, the device would have continued to ping even if the phone had went dead or was turned off. someone had intentionally removed the battery from the device leaving it untraceable. .
ali lowitzer has now been missing for 8 years. she has made no contact with friends or family. .
do you believe you've seen ali lowitzer or possibly know her whereabouts? please visit hope for ali; alexandria joy lowitzer on facebook or go to alexandrialowitzer.com for read more information and to submit tips.
thank you for your time!
matt sherrill
lost in the crowd: missing persons
#hopeforali #missing #missingperson #alilowitzer #lasvegas #lasvegasstrip #nevada #nv #escort #escorts #escortservices #share repost @lostinthecrowd_m
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