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My interactive journal will be out tomorrow and i couldn’t be any happier. there are a lot of brown girls out there who have self-esteem issues because the world doesn’t accept them as they are. it’s always something. your hair is too nappy. your lips are too big. your skin is too dark. the world tells them that those things aren’t beautiful so i made an interactive journal with words from a brown woman (me) and questions that make them see how worthy they are. ❤️ #deezthoughts #deezknapz #hellobrowngirl
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The perfect chapter to my story. #keaganalexander
3 39 2 days ago
One of my favorite pictures. i was worry free - super pumped about life and just living. you could see it all in my face. 😍😘
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Good morning. friday eve!!!!! 😘
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Good morning. have a great day and enjoy your week. #wiggingitout #showlove #blessed #natural #protectivestyles
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Let me get back to this size and then i’m going to get a little smaller but tone it on up. time to work! #deezknapz #fitnatural #natural
1 23 2 weeks ago
Okay so back in june i had i dropped a lot of weight then in august somethings occurred which forced me to sit down. i got depressed and just didn’t care so all of the hard work that i had did went to waste. now i’m looking back with so much regret like d**n if i would have just continued to workout and through the depression where would i be now? but instead of where i could be i’m sitting here looking at this funky f*t stomach that i don’t want. so i decided to do a 10 day cleanse yes i said 10 days. i did it to get my mind right. right now i am on day 5. well it isn’t easy and this road won’t be easy either but i’m pushing through because i want to feel comfortable in my body again. well here’s to a long prosperous journey. #swipe
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Hey y’all! ❤️ #deezknapz
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Curls for the girls. #n***y #curls
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Trying to get back here. #fitnatural #depressionisreal #fit #natural
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My everything. being a mother to my peanut has been the best gift ever. 😍 #motherhoodunplugged #mother #happychild #toddler #unconditionallove
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