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There are two gifts we should give our children. one is roots as their foundation and the other is wings so they can aim so high.❤️👶🏼🌳🦅
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A final piece of craft work!⛄️
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It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas and the creative bug bit me! this is a total transformation of our halloween pumpkins 🎃to a christmas #snowman ⛄️ thanks to my paint & brushes!🎨 with the help of sammy’s fruit loops, his eyes were made.
black lentils for his smile.
our old dying flower stalks became his arms.
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Sam enjoying his first solo swinging experience!😍
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It was 11:58pm, last year, when we had baby sam! and since then, it has been such a transformative and most rewarding journey! seeing sam grow has also taught us a lot about eachother. we have learned a couple of important lessons;
1- it really does take a village to raise a child.
2- you learn to work as a team, be there for eachother, loveand appreciate each other as partners and parents.
3- you’ll face obstacles but it’s okay! because with love and communication, you can get thru whatever hurdles life throws at you! and after all, challenges mold you into a stronger person. to us, they have!
3- a child teaches you a different kind of love. and teaches you to be more patient and more selfless.

we thank you sammy for making everything different for us and for making life better and more meaningful. we love you with all our hearts.

and thank you to each and everyone who came to see sammy on his birthday! we appreciate you so much and couldn’t be any more grateful, from the bottom of our hearts. it was a lot of fun!💕
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“how lucky i am to have things that make saying goodbye so hard,” said winnie the pooh ❣️
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I love autumn! it’s a good reminder that we need to shed what no longer serves us. this can be people as well. shedding can be a beautiful experience that we shouldn’t be afraid of. #letgo 🍁🍂
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....and i delight in burgundy! 🍷 everything #autumnal
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We’ve finally put some good use to the pumpkins!! #pumpkincarving.
happy halloween 🎃
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Food for thought! we aren’t perfect but even if you’re nice, kind, not everyone around you is or will be happy for you or be your advocate in life. you just have to learn to always be in control of where you focus your energy.
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Caught the creative bug lately so i went ahead and made these bats! hand drawn and cut by dianaaa!! all from scratch baby, lol!🦇🎃
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Instead of throwing my sunflowers, i let them dry to create a dead flower collection for my #halloweeny look.🤗🌻
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