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Chad DiBlasio
I haven’t been feeling fantastic about where i am lately with fitness/eating.
something i’m sure many of you are well acquainted with is the creeping thoughts of “i s**k at...” life/fitness/relationships/money management/etc.
fill in any of these into the blanks at any given time and they can begin a cycle that opens the door for depression, anxiety, poor sleep, poor food choices, guilt and shame and so much more “heaviness!” anyone else?? 🤷🏽‍♂️👋🏽🙋🏽‍♂️ if we don’t direct life and our thoughts, we will be ever victim to these exact issues and problems/worries.
they are likely not ever really going to go completely away. we are going to have influence in our lives as long as we are alive that can bring these feelings back into our mind. escaping them completely, isn’t the goal.
but, one of the disciplines i have been intentionally focused on for a number of years now is the hard job of telling myself the truth. where am i now versus where i was.
this perspective is an essential component to being honest with myself about my position whether it be like these pictures with my weight loss, or where i am with my relationship with my kids and one of the main ways i have been able to disable and disarm the thoughts that so often had led me back down those painful paths!

where are you now? where have you been? these show data. without stating how you feel about those things, they give you some truth to work from and, if you’re not where you want or thought you’d be, you can look at what’s preventing it or simply be thankful for how far you’ve gone and know you’ve been doing the work.
there are definitely ways to shortcut or short circuit the paths that create destructive and limiting habits in our lives, being honest about where we are is a great place to start!
tag someone in the comments whose journey you are proud of!
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Chad DiBlasio
I recognized something the other day while talking to one of our coaching clients. she said “a lot of what i do in my life is to not be the kind of person or parent my dad was.“ sound familiar?
i am certain many decisions have been made in my life with that exact same mindset. “i want to be the furthest thing from the pain i remember.” we all have these stories, whether it was our parent, or just someone we loved - the “paint has deteriorated” and the heart has been scarred more times than we like to count.

the problem with this mindset is that you are still giving the person who’s lead you disagree with the opportunity to lead in your life. by choosing to move away from the direction they chose, you’re still allowing their choice and direction to be what guides you, versus deciding for yourself the things that matter most separate from what they chose.

does that make sense?
i think it’s similar to how many of us try to change eating habits or exercise or teens. we try to stop eating the “bad stuff” or guilt ourselves into going to the gym because we know it’s good for us.

the problem is lack of vision and a concrete why that drives us.
we need to change our belief and our direction.
this is as simple as recongnizing it, turning your “worry thay you’ll end up like you dad” into “where do i wanna end up” and letting those thoughts be what you “mull over” and concentrate all your concern on. that slight course correction will eventually put you in an entirely different ocean, not just slightly different than your hurt.

let’s make a course correction and hand the lead over to someone we trust and believe in.
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tag someone who needs to hear this in your life and hit me with a ❤️❤️ so i know you feel me!
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Chad DiBlasio
This is the opening shot of a video we are soon to release to talk about iceland.... it’s hard to use a word like “thankful” and feel like it carries even a slight bit of the happiness and gratitude i feel seeing this screen and knowing what it means to the people who stopped “trying” and started doing in their lives and hearts.

it’s the beginning of something we have been working on our entire lives and it’s going to continue making big impact to those who choose to be involved.
this isn’t about me.
this is about you.

what you want is accessible.

freedom from your worry and fears is attainable.

a life you are in love with and can’t get enough of isn’t chained to the “must be nice” or “on my bucket list” or “i wish i could” phrases and excuses you give yourself and others in response to why you’re not where you want, doing what you dream about.
i am not special.
this life isn’t about travel or money.
you are able and worth it.
this is more proof that it’s doable and ready for you.

what are you waiting for?

comment with a 🙌🏽 if you’re with me and wanna see the video!
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Chad DiBlasio
Adventuring with friends.

knowing where you are going and how you plan to get there are the quickest solutions to avoiding friction in any interaction.
do you want to do more fulfilling work?

do you want to make more money?

do you want to have more free time to do what makes you happy?
if any of those three are on your list reply plan on it below and let’s get programming so they actually start happening!
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Chad DiBlasio
The sky cleared just enough to get another glimpse the other night before we left and i was able to snag one more photo of this incredible night painting! #iceland was truly inspiring on personal, emotional, adventure and physical levels.

if you had the opportunity to learn skills of creating the life you desire and coupling that with life inspiring travel and connection with others on that path, would you s****h it up or just let it slip by you? life will either follow your direction or steal your time and energy while you dream about the “someday” and “i wish i could” moments.
#createlifeiceland will be announcing the second trip coming next spring and again, it will be a very intentionally small community!
what is one aspect of your life that you would love more of? tag a friend who wants to go to iceland and let the planning begin!
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Chad DiBlasio
Adventuring fills my heart to the absolute max especially when it is combined with speaking life into another group of people! #createlife has been an incredible experience for me and the beginning of something truly special in my career. i couldn’t do it without @montanadennis and @joshnewton being the incredible humans they are.

but let’s be honest, none of this direction would have been possible without the beautiful support system we have in our wives, friends and family. it makes me more aware every day of the ways we are designed for community and connection.
where is one of the most impacting places you have travelled?
leave me a 🙌🏽👏🏽👋🏽 in the comments and tag someone you are thankful for in your support system!
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Chad DiBlasio
It’s been a full day of emotion and enabling people to use the tools they have available to design their lives with intent and disciple. i am feeling a bit overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude right this moment and such a deep feeling of purpose and clarity. thank god for such incredible simplicity in life here in #iceland
it’s been a beautiful backdrop for clarifying the fruit we want out of our lives and engineering the paths and practices to get there! #createlife
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Chad DiBlasio
What lights your heart on fire? what makes you want more life? how often are you diving into that? how much are you willing to risk to not waste the opportunities that bring this? life is waiting. go chase it and #createlife #createlifeworkshop
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Chad DiBlasio
And.we.are.here y’all! so stoked for the next week of life with these amazing humans! #createlifeworkshop #createlifeiceland
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Chad DiBlasio
Favorite go to treats when you travel? i’m almost always getting a big #fijiwater and some delicious coffee! found these adorable @stumptowncoffee minis at @shakeshack in the #jfkairport and wow! hit the spot!! what’s your go to on a plane trip??
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Chad DiBlasio
Walking in to the morning hand in hand, ready to begin anew.
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Chad DiBlasio
Life is amazing...
let me tell you a little story.
about 9 years ago, becky - against all odds, became pregnant. she and her first husband chris were so crazy happy and the life they were creating was infectious... i really wanna tell a little more of that story later, but for now, i wanna tell you about mark and becky.
mark and becky have been a new breath of life into hurt and heavy life that again, neither of them expected. becky coming out of a long period of pain of loss from chris’ traumatic cancer situation and mark coming out of the loss of a 22yr marriage and little maddie, being the constant source of joy and optimism to them both.
today the 3 of them stood on a beach and celebrated life, thanked god for the loss that has brought each of them together, and joined their lives and love into a new family. things come full circle sometimes when you least expect it but stay open to it. these three are truly a testament to love and continuing to seek life for all it has to offer. it was a joy to celebrate with them today and to be the one to document these moments with them!
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