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Doggo teaches a friend (you've got a lot to learn young one)
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Wise doggo, give us some wisdom pls @ralphienyc
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your wish is my command, adorable goofy pupper
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Shag boi doing a cloud (hi guys i'm @rocco_roni )
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Cloud friend doin a few bleppo n mlemmer (this is the best day of my life) @miss_poppet_the_samoyed
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We're all good boys, come join us
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Doggo does a beg (please release that thing to me whatever the heck it is) @macaroni.and.chi
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Hey frendo @kraigb32
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Doggo cooking some things for some loved ones (ur doing great everyone loves you) @murphytraynor
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@doggosbeingdoggos the low flying cloud offers it's emergency homeworrk eating servimces
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Doggo doin a hug to the beaked flyboy (must be nice to be able to bork around in the air)
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