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Que todo mal vire amor ! ✨❤️
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Sabahınız xeyirli olsun allahın Əzizləri necəsiniz ? allah sizlərdən razı olsun amin İn Şa allah
Əllahumə salli Əla muhammədin və ali muhamməd və Əccil fərəcəhum
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On today’s #weeklyfluff meet peggy (@peggy.the.bunny ), a sassy — but cuddly — satin angora bunny.⁣

photo by @peggy.the.bunny
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🌸 power⁣
👖 goals⁣
⏳ is an illusion⁣

watch today’s story for more photos and videos that brought us some very welcome joy this week. ✨⁣⁣

photo by @pradaolic; videos by @twan and @en_draw
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A hint of pink 💕, a splash of red ❤️ and a s****e of orange 💥 are keeping model @winnieharlow calm, grounded and flowing with creativity.⁣

“i feel like right now is the perfect time to just let your creative juices flow. something that i enjoy doing, just as a little hobby, is painting. it’s a little zen.” 💕⁣

grab a brush and your favorite colors to #takeabreak with winnie on igtv. 🌈✨
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A postcard in the mail is its own kind of special. 💌⁣

that’s why yasmin reddig and sue hiepler of the creative shop @mayandberry are teaching us how to make our very own postcard, complete with super-cute illustrations and easy-to-do calligraphy. ✨👌💕🙌⁣

“our artworks are a mix of illustration and hand-lettering,” sue says. “we try to keep it fresh, modern and simple. everything that has to do with floral motives, urban watercolor and colorful letterings.”⁣

the duo founded their small business over three years ago after meeting at an art design market in bonn, germany. now, as @mayandberry , they co-design postcards, prints and calendars, as well as conduct workshops and post tutorials online. “we are extremely grateful to call may & berry our job,” yasmin says.⁣

today, yasmin and sue are here to share their skills. to #trythisathome, check out our story.⁣

video by @mayandberry
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These cats are bananas. ⁣
doll artist anna nazarenko’s (@awesome_oso ) menagerie of handmade, hybrid creatures includes broccoli sheep and milky way cows, and yes, banana cats. “i love mixing different things and literally anything will become a cute creature if you add a kitty face on it 😊,” she says. “i take inspiration from various shapes but it’s dull to just sculpt a banana, right?”⁣

“my creatures must bring joy and smiles. they must be pleasant to look at and they must not break easily.” #thisweekoninstagram⁣

photo by @awesome_oso
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From puppies 🐶 and colombian coffee, ☕️⁣
to meditating and making music, 🎶⁣
we’re at home with maluma in medellín, learning all about the things he’s most grateful for. “for me it’s been very, very important to keep creating music. i’m a musician. so it’s something that gives me a lot of happiness and tranquility.”⁣

#takeabreak with maluma and see what’s keeping his days grounded and his spirits lifted.
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Meet artist pete cromer’s (@petecromer ) hand-painted “druids.” pete casts molds of pebbles and stones “borrowed from nature,” then re-creates them from concrete, resin and glitter.⁣

“i’m drawn to the idea of materials, like stone, that last through civilizations like in ancient cultures. some people believe stones hold certain types of energy. the druids, in my case, hold positive energy,” he says.⁣

“i started making the druids shortly after i left my full-time job to pursue my artistic endeavors. i created them to place around my home, so i felt others were there with me, like a cheer squad — for support, warmth and happiness. they were reassurance that things were going to be ok,” he says. “i call them bright souls because they are all about positivity and making you feel happy.” ⁣

photo by @petecromer
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Once special makeup artist amazing jiro (@amazing_jiro ) realized he wouldn’t be applying makeup to others due to shelter-in-place rules, he came up with an inventive solution which was (literally) close at hand: #onehandmonster.⁣

“it’s a cheerful, fun art activity aimed at those who are unable to leave their homes,” says jiro. “i hoped that i could improve their gloomy moods a bit, so i came up with the theme of monsters that eat gloomy feelings.”⁣

“using the motifs of animals everyone was familiar with was sure to evoke empathy, and i thought it would be even more interesting if i added a bit of imagination to turn these animals into new, original characters — a tiger with the markings of a hippo and a giraffe, a bird with the skin texture of a dinosaur,” he explains. ⁣

“even during times of hardship, we can cheer ourselves up and save ourselves by using imagination.” #thisweekoninstagram⁣

photos by @amazing_jiro
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#hellofrom a futuro house. we’re dreaming of this out-of-this-world structure, tucked into the caucasus mountains. 🌼⁣

designed by finnish architect matti suuronen, there is nothing supernatural about this flying saucer. less than 100 of these prefabricated “portable” ski chalets were built in finland, and this particular pod first landed on the mussa-achitara ridge in the 1970s. ⁣

today, you can find futuro houses around the world, and the one in dombay is a functioning hotel.⁣

photo by @ted.ns
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For indonesian artist imelda adams (@imeldaams ), her artwork is an opportunity for self-expression and to share inspiration for positive action.⁣

“every huge change ahead always starts with a small step,” she explains. “something that may not matter to us may be meaningful to others.”⁣

this #monthofgood, imelda is spending her time painting at home and catching up with family. share your moments of everyday kindness and good using the hashtag #monthofgood, then tag three people to do the same.⁣

#eidmubarak ❤️⁣

photos by @imeldaams
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Psa: extremely fun content ahead. like a haircut plot twist 💇‍♂️a tennis ball cheers 🎾 and a baking trend you never saw coming 🍰⁣⁣
check out our story for more things that have us smiling 😊⁣⁣
videos by @chrisashley, @kevinbparry and @andreaanimates
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