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This was my first ever @bet this summer, i never posted this or showed anyone this before now, reason being it was so personal to me, high-key i always wanted be here since i was mad young, watching some of my idols over the years walk this carpet i knew all i had to was let go and then let god, it’s only a few seconds clip but lord it took me a life time to get there, we ain’t stopping also, i haven’t even took my warm up jacket off yet...👌🏾 #flashbackfriday
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I’m excited about this ❄️🎄💜
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Great cause, wonderful people. thank you for having me @powherfulfdn
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Awesome night supporting gain foundation, thank you for having me, i was honoured to be part of your special night. #eliminatemalnutrition #gainfoundation
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Carter, all he gives a s**t about is love and food, from the age of 5 weeks old. and still...💜
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I’ve been wanting to share this with u guys for so long but for the sake of entertainment i couldn’t an it is one of the toughest things i’ve ever had to deal with, not only saying good bye to playing clayton reeves with a great cast and incredible crew and to most of all you guys who not only made me feel like part of the ncis family but u made me feel like your family also, week in and week out for the past two years, i’ve felt the acceptance grow, ncis will always have a emotional attachment to me for the rest of my life, not only being homeless before this show and it changing my family’s life and showing people dreams do come true no matter where you are from and no matter how humble your beginnings, i have no family in america so can’t be very lonely at times, ive had a long term girlfriend pass away during my time here i’ve lost my mentor ex footballer cyrille regis while on this show and can honesty say i don’t know how i would have dealt with these losses without coming to work putting an suit on and playing clayton reeves, along with an historic exit with the pauley perrette, who i could not have wished for a better person to die for on the show, it’s an honour to be part of tv history, finally i just want to send my love to the family of gary glasberg, he changed my life, clayton reeves is his creation and when gary passed away not long after i got the part i promised to always try and do my character justice, i hope i did that. love u all and i guarantee you will see me again very very soon on your screens. until then. love 💜
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The first of a two part special tonight on ncis and all bets are off. tune in or stay away from the internet for a while! @ncis_cbs @wilmervalderrama @cbstv
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Whoooooa #thesimpsons this is crazy!! please tune in to tonight’s episode it’s a game changer!! @thesimpsons @ncis_cbs
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Family’s more then just dna “gibbs
great season so far, thank you to the fans 👌🏾 @ncis_cbs #paulyperrette #markharmon
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