videostar or sumn kebon tingz http://instagram.com/palmtrcs
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</3! i don’t like this but
mainly for noelle, happy birthday
dts in comments <3 / ac @pvradisiac
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Feel that way [ she liked dnjddhw ]
for aiden,annika,and shawn
and also lina and mel thnx for the vids <3
i know the borders are f****d up shhh
this is just sum screen pump simple edit s**t dhdjdj
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I know y’all ain’t active but hey — ac xbocadior, cc:me, hexagons ib ron @legallyko
it took some time for the triangles/hexagons so sorry if they look choppy or sumn lol okey for kebon🥰, bastien peace and annika cause they saw this first
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A.g everyone .
for naja & sarah + more in comments
tv damage ib @grcy.mp4
sorry u can’t see the red text
stream thank u , next / app: videostar i messed up the second half of this edit woo
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Hey guys here’s a small ga
mbf @editsbyheaven
tag 2 people
post on story if you want but don’t tag me in it , then dm me for the mega link
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Nvm i don’t like this
ac/ old.tvs for kevin marcos lily mari dahmier mel elliot+ more
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I really didn’t wanna scrap this but i did so bdhdhd i just wasn’t feeling it anymore
permenant post idc if it ruins theme bhddh
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Something i made a week ago
this is just a scrap i never finished </3 i’ll try and post something better next week but it’s gonna take some time
instagram ruined audio so ignore that
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Rest in peace. wow , it’s been 1 hour and i can’t fully process how my dog has been killed , he’s not on this earth anymore . i loved him ever since we got him . the fact that i can’t touch him or hold him anymore breaks me so bad . the only thing that gives me hope is the thought of him being in heaven where he belongs . pls don’t ask questions on how he died in the comments , i don’t wanna be disrespectful but i don’t wanna re-live it :/
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4 am | #kokkakugrp
somethin simple for now 🥰
for jamal shawn and aubreys new dog
@editsbyjamal @shawnpostedthat @klarovina
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