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Let's talk about how the touch from one who desires you fully transforms your flesh and mind. about how he makes me feel so alive that men (and women) approach me even when he's there.....i am suddenly worth the risk when i ooze desire. #itsagoodday #hesgotmelike
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Goodbye gemini, hello cancer. it's my cusp, y'all! happy solstice. merry cusp of magic. the most magical night of the year is coming...#midsummerseve and also the anniversary of the day fairies planted me in the hospital bassinet and took my mom's real daughter. 😂 i'm happy. even better than that, i'm content. i'm full. i've left a lot of sadness behind me in 39. i f*****g love summer. bring it, 40!
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It's a real special day when the quiet lady has the loud mouth bully and her bully kids removed from the park by rangers. #yesiamthatlady
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Holy shit, i'm entering the 5th decade of my life in less than a week and i feel fantastic. #summerbaby #midsummerseveborn #cuspofmagic #foreveryoung
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Minnow fishing
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I've never gotten so many compliments on my hair. i've spent countless dollars, in my life, on making it every color i could dream, but none were as complimentary as the one growing out of my head(i added some blue to my conditioner). i cut it myself too. cheapest beauty tip out there is grow into your own skin and be comfortable with who you actually are. #grayhair #quitdye #growoldgracefully #almostforty #slatehair
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Boundaries are interesting things. i have few, but those that i do have will be guarded and defended with vigor.
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