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My Dog Is Cutest
41 minutes ago
mydogiscutest When your kids don't know how to act in public πŸ˜‚ πŸ“·: @dolph_the_yellowlab #mydogiscutest
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Dogs Trust
46 minutes ago
dogstrust Lottie is so excited it’s #walkieswednesday she’s almost levitating! any other flying dogs out there? #everydogtheirday
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Best Dogs Of IG
53 minutes ago
bestwoof ~ πŸ“·: @anni_bordermaedchen_mit_talent selected by: @monicasisson (check out original post on featured account for translation of signs!) congrats @anni_bordermaedchen_mit_talent — you’re a #bestwoof! thank you for sharing your woof with us. ~ follow @bestwoof and tag #bestwoof for your chance to be featured. also check out our kitty account 🐈 @bestmeow 🐈 -------- #bestwoof_anni_bordermaedchen_mit_talent _
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Dogs Puppies World
2 hours ago
dogspupsworld Selfie with my dad β€πŸ˜πŸ‘ follow us @dogspupsworld for more! @dogspupsworld #dogspupsworld and follow us to be featured . πŸ“· @bhunathefrenchie
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Dogs Of Instaworld
3 hours ago
dogsofinstaworld I'm never gonna leave this bed 🐢🐾 sent by @staygoldenoliver #dogsofinstaworld
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Dogs | Puppies
6 hours ago
From: @goldenbaloo #dogs_of_world and follow us to be featured 🐢
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Dogs of Freedom
11 hours ago
dogsoffreedom Sue and michael pethick, from caloote, south australia, were on vacation at gleesons landing on yorke peninsula with their two-year-old red heeler mix, abby, who had been adopted from a shelter about a year ago. while michael went fishing, sue opted to take abby for a short walk.“ she headed off and after 15-20 minutes i got worried because she hadn’t come back,” michael explained to the adelaide advertiser. "i heard a noise in the distance, but i couldn’t work out what it was. i thought something was wrong … then i happened to see about 200m up on a bushy sand dune, abby was standing on top of it and i thought that was really strange. i called her and she came running to me and i said ‘take me to mum’ and she turned around and headed down this little track, along the cliff face and walkways and … she stopped near an edge where it goes down to the beach and waited for me to catch up — three meters down, there was sue.” sue had been attempting to walk down an embankment to the beach when she lost her footing and fell down the cliff face, breaking her ankle. "she was telling me that abby didn’t want to leave her but she told abby to go find dad and that’s what she did,” michael said. he called emergency services, and sue was airlifted to the royal adelaide hospital. police called abby a “wonder dog” for her heroic actions. "for abby to come and try to find me was just amazing and then for her to take me to sue … it’s just really one of those things that you only read about,” michael said. "we’re very fortunate that she needed to be rescued about a year ago and now she’s rescued us.” sc: life with dogs. #herodog #rescuedogsrock #savealife #adoptdontshop #shelterdogs #dogsrule #loyalty #mansbestfriend #dogsoffreedom
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12 hours ago
dogsofinstagram "this is ellie, the maltase cutie. she loves treats, is super curious, loves treats, enjoys sunny days and if i didn't mention it enough - she loves treats. i would love to have metabolism like her😁" writes @eliska_ruckova #dogsofinstagram
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The Dogist
13 hours ago
thedogist Elly, dachshund (7 y/o), 24th & broadway, new york, ny • "we've been living together for seven years and she hasn't listened to one word i've ever said. she has a mind of her own."
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Dogs That Hike
13 hours ago
dogsthathike Happy tongue out tuesday 🐢 πŸ“Έ @olliverthehappymutt #dogsthathike #tongueouttuesday #sunsouttonguesout
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Dogs of Wolf & Crow
13 hours ago
dogs.of.wolfandcrow Stay?!?! exsqueeze me?!?! i shred hard, bruv, hard. oh. i get it. you're intimidated by my mad skillz, yo. weak sauce. πŸΆπŸ€™πŸ‚β›·πŸŽΏ . #shredthegnar #shredarmy #livetoshred #shredtolive #powderday #skidog #boarddog #hotdog #shredicated #shredding #shredz #extreme #powpow #crestedbutte #colorado #rockymountainhigh
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14 hours ago
dogtweet.s Welcome new followers 😁
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Dogs Of Instagram
15 hours ago
Watching home videos of himself as a puppy πŸΆπŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ
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Puppies | Dogs
16 hours ago
dogyfans Made in usa link to order in bio 🐢😊
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β˜† Welcome To Dog Features β˜†
17 hours ago
dog_features 🌟🌟🌟 featured pet 🌟🌟🌟 . congratulations @peace.love.huskies & thank you for tagging #dog_features πŸ‘ . for more pet featuring accounts follow: πŸ”Έ @cat_features πŸ”Ή @igclub_dogs πŸ”Έ @meowsandwoofs πŸ”Ή @happiestpups πŸ”Έ @pet_superstars . 🌟 photo selected by: @saff_pstm 🌟
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