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3 weeks ago
dogs ...must...sleep...🐢😴 . #frenchieweek submission via @gnocchi_frenchie
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Dogs Puppies World
3 weeks ago
dogspupsworld Love these leashes and collars from @wolfpacksupply! made in the usa, backed by a lifetime warranty and only available at @wolfpacksupply πŸ‘Œ
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Puppies Dogs Pets
3 weeks ago
This is so cool! @4ocean makes their bracelets from recycled water bottles and removes 1 pound of trash from the ocean for every bracelet purchased! ♻️
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Puppies | Dogs
3 weeks ago
dogyfans 🐢❀🐢 ➑less than$20 ...yay or nay β¬…πŸΆβ€πŸΆ
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Dogs Who Brunch
3 weeks ago
dogswhobrunch When you can't figure out how to use chop sticks 🍜. #dogswhobrunch #ramen #nom #thestruggleisreal #chopsticks #dinner photo credit: @itsdougthepug
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The Dogist
3 weeks ago
thedogist Missy, ori-pei (4 y/o), christopher & bedford st., new york, ny • "she just had acl surgery and is getting better every day. she's going into all the stores to get treats." @missy_the_oripei
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My Dog Is Cutest
3 weeks ago
mydogiscutest Some noses have more trouble than others to stay healthy and moisturized. if your pup is suffering from a dry, cracked nose, then you need to use organic #snoutsoother - made from 100% natural ingredients that are safe to ingest and work much better & faster than just coconut oil. >> follow @naturaldogcompany for the best sales! save 10% off your entire order with code mydog16 at naturaldog.com
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β˜† Welcome To Dog Features β˜†
3 weeks ago
dog_features 🌟🌟🌟 featured pet 🌟🌟🌟 . congratulations @chitchi_and_monmo & thank you for tagging #dog_features πŸ‘ . for more pet featuring accounts follow: πŸ”Έ @cat_features πŸ”Ή @igclub_dogs πŸ”Έ @meowsandwoofs πŸ”Ή @happiestpups πŸ”Έ @pet_superstars . 🌟 photo selected by: @saff_pstm 🌟
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Dogs That Hike
3 weeks ago
dogsthathike Waterfalls and puppy snuggles - the way a wednesday should be 😍 photo credit: @johhhnyblais_ #dogsthathike #waterfalls #waterfallwednesday
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Dogs of Freedom
3 weeks ago
When you realize it's h**p day but you've already been neutered. #thosearethebreaks #humpday #ballsareforthrowing #doghumor #dogsoffreedom repost @dp4k.m
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3 weeks ago
insta_dog Does your dog have what it takes to be the world's next top dog model? if so please email photos of your pup to [email protected] pack leashes makes dog leashes out of climbing rope and carabiners, and for every sale they donate 2 pounds of dog food to a no-kill shelter! @packleashes #packleashes photo credit: model @stefania_the_husky
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Dogs On Adventures™
3 weeks ago
dogsonadventures Just... just a little roll? . thanks @huckoutside for sharing! . wouldn't it be pawsome if you tagged your photos πŸ“Έ with @dogsonadventures to be featured!
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Best Dogs Of IG
3 weeks ago
bestwoof ~ πŸ“·: @anpoo.mipoo selected by: @hollysisson congrats @anpoo.mipoo — you’re a #bestwoof! thank you for sharing your woof with us. ~ follow @bestwoof and tag #bestwoof for your chance to be featured. also check out our kitty account 🐈 @bestmeow 🐈 ~ #bestwoof_anpoomipoo
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