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1 hour ago
oceana #takeaction: whales, dolphins and other marine mammals need your help. oil special interests in congress are trying to gut the marine mammal protection act (mmpa), a vital law that seeks to restore and maintain healthy populations of marine mammals in u.s. waters. a new bill would make it easier for activities like seismic airgun blasting to harm marine mammals that call our oceans home. speak up: follow the link in our bio to tell your member of congress to vote no on h.r. 3133. #defendmarinemammals 📸: shutterstock #whale #dolphins
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Discover Ocean
23 hours ago
discoverocean That's how lamprey looks 😀! - @theocean 💙 - @oceanfact : the lamprey is an ectoparasite (i.e. it attaches itself to its host) and no… the lamprey can’t bite. with their eel-like body, lampreys are primitive vertebrates with no jaws. their mouth, endowed with many teeth, is circular and acts as a sucker. with their teeth, they scratch the host body to blood and s**k the blood of the poor host. but s*****g blood is not the only function of its giant sucker… #discoverocean
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Seven Marine
November 2017
seven_marine Here’s a twist for #wcw... @hydrasportscustomboats #omg53 tender in monaco. she’s a beauty. both of em!
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