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2 weeks ago
oceanic.global There are so many obstacles sea turtles face these days! how can you help? avoiding single use plastic is just one simple way but effective way to make a real impact 💪 #ourchoicesmatter
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2 weeks ago
oceana When you remember that the weekend is only a few hours away ... 📷: rusty dodson
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Oceanic Preservation Society
2 weeks ago
😍 #freedomfriday #repost @keiko_conservation ・・・ video of the day by pascale c-slater/prince of whales whale watching via @sevenseasoffreedom!
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Discover Ocean
2 weeks ago
discoverocean Caption this cute little guy 💙 photo: aleksandard via @ocean #discoverocean
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Seven Marine
3 weeks ago
seven_marine #gotshade? saturday beautiful yellowfin 36 with twin 627 floating in the good life on the west coast of florida.
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OceanRamsey, Ocean Ramsey
June 2017
oceanicramsey Come get some 😉 goodies from @oneoceandesigns and help save cute #sharksnacks and other marine life like these #honu #turtles #seaturtles #seals #fish #dolphins #seabirds by helping us clean up the beach on #worldoceanday this thursday june 8th on #oahu #eastside #laie #pounders #laiebeachpark the east side of oahu is gorgeous it's also the windward side so a lot of marine debris is blown onshore on the east sides of our islands and it's a great location to start to collect it. no matter where you are at, and no matter what day it is you can make a positive impact for marine life, the ocean, and our current and future generations by picking up trash and #reducing waste, especially single use #plastic like #straws and #plasticbags and #plasticwaterbottles check out #oneoceandesigns hawaiisharkdiver.org @thessalonikecollection @clarklittle @guayaki @4ocean @devotedtotheocean @keiko_conservation @waterinspired @happyearthapparel @yogakaihawaii @reallifemermaidshop @oakley @oneoceandiving
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Ocean Madness
April 2016
oceanmadnessco We're back! this beautiful photo was taken in #thailand by the amazing @chrisburkard | turn on notifications to view everything we post in the next coming weeks!
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