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National Geographic Travel
2 weeks ago
natgeotravel Photo by @babaktafreshi, the world at night. the milkyway, our home galaxy of several hundred billion stars, gleams in all its splendor, as seen from la silla observatory in the southern outskirts of the atacama desert, chile. the clear, high altitude dry desert air provides a perfect home for the la silla, operated by the european southern observatory (eso), where the 3.6-meter new technology telescope (ntt) makes its nightly rounds of the sky's far reaches. the telescope rests between the open doors in the photo. the milky way spans more than 100,000 light-years across, putting earth in the cosmic suburbs, some 27,000 light-years away from the brightly glowing center of the galaxy, seen at the center of this image. visible to the left of the milky way is the bright orange star antares at the heart of scorpius (the scorpion). saturn can be seen as the brightest point to the upper left of antares and alpha and beta centauri glow in the upper right of the image. the southern cross (crux) and the coalsack dark nebula are also visible at the upper right corner. follow me @babaktafreshi for more night wonders of the world. @natgeo @natgeocreative #milkyway #astrophotography #observatory #astronomy #chile #atacama
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Jenn Z
2 weeks ago
thesdcowgirl A couple weeks ago, i mentioned being burnt out. i traveled for two weeks and didn't take my big camera. instead i used only my iphone. but the last two weeks have been pretty great. two proms, and a senior shoot with @__thathorsebackrider_ have me inspired. now, i'm two weeks on the road, and didn't bring my camera (or guitar) only because i didn't have room for them...so if you'd like to sponsor me for a larger trailer i'm open to offers! all joking aside, i'm anxious to see what i'll squeeze out of this phone camera for the next two weeks while #teamblonde is on the road. much love to all of you out there who keep encouraging me! #ig_equine #theviewfromhere #theamericanwest #happy #seniorpictures #seniorportrait #horses #horsesofinstagram #horsesmakemehappy #aqha #aqhaproud #love #mystory #photography #photographer #portraitphotography #hifromsd #sky #cowgirlprincess #cowgirl #princess #igers #instagood #photooftheday
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John Tully
2 weeks ago
jtully Tour de france means a lot of hurry up and wait. 2016. #travelingwiththepolkadots
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2 weeks ago
ninarobinsonnyc A neighbors house caught on fire this evening. aunt reva and i walked down the smoke filled street to check things out. it's a good thing the family wasn't home and glad no one was hurt. #arkansas #thesouth #documentaryphotography
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Ryan Neal Cordwell
2 weeks ago
ryannealcordwell It’s no secret that the path to success is often lined with talent in your craft, and humility in your step. however, it’s those who trudge on to master many disciplines that truly are rewarded. cheers to the brave and dynamic few; may they never stray. reflecting on our journeys with @remymartin. #onelifelivethem
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Patricia Lay-Dorsey
2 weeks ago
A freshly tuned piano deserves a round of "perfidia!"
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2 weeks ago
thephotosociety Photo by @joepetersburger / @thephotosociety // double catch // common kingfisher emerges from the water with 2 topmouth gudgeon fish. catching more than one fish is very rare occasion and seems to be accident. i witnessed it only 2 times. whenever the bird lands on a twig to k**l the fish, it is obviously impossible to handle both of them. even for a kingfisher… i made this shot – with many other – close to my actual residency. this particular one only 50 miles from my hometown. no need to travel far away to discover amazing beauty and events! please #followme at @joepetersburger to keep up-to-date with my images! @natgeo @natgeocreative @natgeotravel @natgeofineart @thephotosociety @canonusa @canonuk #joepetersburger #beautiful #capture #moment #beauty #educateandinspire #findbeautyeveryday #hungary #mycanon #teamcanon #1frame4nature
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National Geographic Creative
2 weeks ago
natgeocreative #photoftheweek: @ciriljazbec takes us to a small #community in #greenland where the reflection of a painting of an inuit hunter is #juxtaposed against the frigid snowy #landscape outside.
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Ami Vitale
2 weeks ago
amivitale Photo by @amivitale on assignment for @natgeo. in honor of #earthday, you can buy a signed print of this image of ye ye at wolong nature reserve and gorgeous images from my colleagues at national geographic. the @natgeocreative flash sale is running from april 17-22. visit the link in my profile to see all the amazing signed prints on sale for $100 each. #pandas #wolong #sichuan #china #climatechange #conservation #natureisspeaking #savetheplanet #ipanda #giantpanda #photojournalism #amivitale
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Hawkeye Huey
2 weeks ago
hawkeyehuey Photo by @hawkeyehuey of jack twohorses at his home in #slabcity, near the #saltonsea.
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Matt Crump
2 weeks ago
mattcrump When a wall is more emotionally available than you are
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David Guttenfelder
2 weeks ago
dguttenfelder American classics. in honor of earth day, and as a first test of its kind for nat geo creative, we are offering signed nat geo prints during a week-long flash print sale. $100 each! follow the link in my bio and thank you.
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Corey Arnold
2 weeks ago
arni_coraldo Portrait of a hybrid opilio/bairdi crab caught in the bering sea before being released back into the sea. these crab are feisty even during their first ever view of life above water. --------------------------------- crustacean resistance, 20x27 inches, print on display at @richardhellergallery santa monica thru may 6 and @hartmanfineart thru may 28. click my profile link to view the series. #crab #resist #fight #pinch #beringsea #commercialfishing #alaska #aleutiandreams #crabbing #hybrid #opilio #seafood
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John Stanmeyer
2 weeks ago
johnstanmeyer Print sale ~ remembering this truly mystical morning...the moment when the waining blue-blissful light of a setting full moon began merging with the rising warmth of the sun. before me rose mount bromo, gently exhaling its life. in far distance, the equally spiritual, mount semeru, swirling in raging dance while quiet mount batok rested in dormancy at the foothill of morning fog within the teggera caldera in east java, indonesia. these incredible geological formations were published as part of my story “the gods must be restless” in the january 2008 issue of national geographic magazine. so please we are offering this truly unique photograph as a signed print through for $100 from april 17th - april 22nd in honor of earth day. click on the link in my profile to purchase this image and see all the signed prints featured in @natgeocreative’s flash sale. all my best, john stanmeyer - #earthday #volcanoes #java #landscape @natgeo @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #bromo #mountbromo #semeru #mountsemeru #mystical #volcano #eruption #printsale
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