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David Guttenfelder
4 days ago
dguttenfelder A cut-out of a south korean marine, meant for keepsake snapshots, stands inside a memorial built in the remaining ruins of the 2010 attack on south korea's yeonpyeong island. the island is just 12 km south of the coast of north korea's hwanghae province. on november 23, 2010, north korean artillery shelled yeonpyeong island following south korean military exercises in the area. #korea.
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National Geographic Travel
4 days ago
natgeotravel Photo by @babaktafreshi the world at night project if you have clear and relatively dark sky this weekend enjoy the perseid meteor shower, aug 11 to 13. the peak is after saturday midnight to the morning of sunday the 13th but the bright moon rising before midnight vanishes a part of the sky so try the darker evening hours too (10-12). this annual meteor shower is more favored for the northern hemisphere but its visible from anywhere on earth. the meteors don’t necessarily appear near the shower radiant in constellation perseus, they can be anywhere in the sky. in ideal condition you might see a meteor or two per minute depending on the peak hour, light pollution, and moonlight. photographed above was during the 2016 perseids peak from yosemite national park in california, with iconic half dome and el capitan in the foreground. note the pleiades (the seven sisters star cluster) and the reddish california nebula in the sky, captured with my astrophotography camera which receives more red than regular cameras. follow me @babaktafreshi for more of our planet’s night wonders. @natgeocreative @natgeo #meteorshower #meteor #shootingstar #perseids #pleiades #yosemite #california #nightsky #astronomy #stargazing #astrophotography #nightphotography #longexposure
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4 days ago
wideeyedlegless Current favorite things 🌟 also picture inspired by @meganadelaide because she takes the prettiest beauty pictures ❤️
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Matt Crump
4 days ago
mattcrump I'm giving this can a tour of houston! in exchange, it made me a playlist of its favorite summer jams (link in bio) 🎶 @coronaextrausa #ad
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5 days ago
thephotosociety Photograph by @andyparkinsonphoto/@thephotosociety mute swan cygnet resting on her mothers’ back – this image is one of a portfolio of 9 mute swan images that were recently awarded in the oasis awards, one of italy’s leading wildlife photography competitions http://oasisphotocontest.it/andrew-parkinson-highlight-2/ it was the first year that i’d entered these awards and so i count myself extremely fortunate to have had my images recognised. it was taken last summer during an intensive period that i spent documenting the lives of this familiar species, concentrating specifically on this part of their life cycle that to date i’d been unable to cover. i’d hoped to repeat the experience this summer but with other commitments i was unable to invest the appropriate amount of time and so i knew that improving on what i’d already achieved to date was going to be impossible. it might surprise people that, even though this image was taken in the middle of an overcast day this image was actually captured at 1600 iso. this is because, having spent several weeks acclimating the adults to my presence, and as such building an incredible bond of trust with them, i’d captured this image whilst standing directly over the adult bird whilst this youngster sat on her back. shooting at such close quarters has the effect of magnifying any small movement, even using the 80-200mm lens that i was using and so i needed to keep my shutter speed up, with this captured at 1/320sec. in addition i wanted to bring the whole cygnet, and the adult bird on whose back it was sitting, into sharp focus and to do this i shot with my aperture at f14. over the following days i even ended up shooting up at 6400 iso, with both my shutter speed and aperture being appropriately increased to improve the success rate of the images that i was seeking to produce. the lesson here is to try and identify all of the shortcomings of the images that are being produced and then adjust ones technique accordingly to minimise the chance of the problems repeating themselves. please #followme at @andyparkinsonphoto to keep up-to-date with my images @andyparkinsonphoto @thephotosociety #muteswan #cygnet #swanbaby
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National Geographic Creative
5 days ago
natgeocreative What's your favorite photo? swipe to see the images that caught our attention this week. #whatweliked | #sheepdog by @robertclarkphoto | #boy by @yamashitaphoto | #yukon by @matherpeter | #monks by @irablockphoto |
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art + travel + life
5 days ago
Somewhere i'm supposed to be ☁️ happy friday y'all! 🌀tag someone you want to adventure with this weekend 🍄#createdoniphone
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Stacy Kranitz
5 days ago
stacykranitz The great divide is a collaboration between stacy kranitz and @zoestrauss_1 that will debut at the @lightfieldfest at hudson hall in hudson, new york, saturday august 12th. . at a time when american opinion and perception is polarized and entrenched, our collaboration seeks to re-frames what it means to be disenfranchised in american society. . zoe and i will lead a discussion on august 12th at 5pm . the great divide also takes the form of a signed and numbered zine printed in an edition of 300. . see link in bio to purchase for $25. . due to a printing grant from lightfield we are able to donate the entire purchasing price of the zine to radical action for mountains' and people's survival and the public school project . we will have copies available on august 12th at hudson hall for free. so please join us this saturday in hudson, ny
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Brett Brooner
5 days ago
brettbrooner Always bring your cat named "pig" to your senior session 🤘🏼💯😂🐱
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Patricia Lay-Dorsey
5 days ago
patricialaydorsey Summer days...last night i dreamed i could walk and was wading in the ocean finding big beautiful shells.
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Melanie Shih-Lan Tjoeng
5 days ago
meltjoeng New airbnb cuteness in london 🌿
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Ben Gumeringer
5 days ago
bengum Cape disappointment didn't disappoint🌲 #oregon #pnw #packandgo #shotoniphone
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Cheryle St. Onge
5 days ago
It feels like just the other day. missing @bribenven and marshal #offshorewithnoaa
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