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National Geographic Travel
6 hours ago
natgeotravel Photograph by michael yamashita @yamashitaphoto - first frame from mauritius. this tiny tropical island boasts some of the world's most beautiful beaches and coastline. i was not disappointed shooting here at le souffleur, "the b**w hole" on day 1. #mauritius #lesouffleur #waves #indianocean @natgeo @natgeocreative @thephotosociety @mauritius_tourism
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7 hours ago
ninarobinsonnyc #repost @racerelated with @repostapp ・・・ melissa vo, a law student, is heading to the women’s march in philadelphia. “even though i didn’t think hillary was the best candidate — i just think it's a very sad reflection on our society today that we’re able to elect someone who is so bigoted and so outrightly discriminatory. it hurts to see young, educated people who i know are good people vote for him and put other issues first without realizing the negative impact it has on so many communities.” portrait by @ninarobinsonnyc while on #nytassignment covering women attending the @womensmarch. #portraits #photography #womensmarchonwashington #newyork
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Devin Allen ◼️◾️▪️
7 hours ago
bydvnlln Look the reason why my youth program was put on pause because this dude @noahagain stole money that was meant to go the kids safe zone.... yes he was on vice lying the cameras he showed was donated to me by @wingwings all the way from san fran. he didn't even have the real mrs ericka who runs the center in the doc lol .... we sold images last year for my bday which @vice cut out the event but he basically kept the money i got a whole list of f'd up things he did in the process if it was stealing photographs or camera's. or posing kids with toy guns with middle fingers up which got him banned from the kids safe zone.....i'm telling ya'll straight up dude stole from kids and did more damage than good and if you support him and push his fake phony i care narrative you're sick. and i blame myself for trying to close culture gaps in my city..but you live and you learn but i just got another grant so its back to work and another on the way ✊🏾.....& i want to thank everyone who donated camera's to baltimore's youth majority found new homes...i will still start collecting again in the spring. @newyorkerphoto @time @ruddyroye @tmo365 @djdnice @citypaper @baltimoresun
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9 hours ago
thephotosociety Photo by @daviddoubilet an american crocodile on night patrol in a shallow mangrove channel in gardens of the queen national park, cuba. this curious croc was swimming lazily with the current and investigating everything in his path: tires, rocks, stumps and us. these large reptiles are called engineers of the mangroves because their movements open and maintain channels that enhance circulation through the dense root systems. mangrove systems are critical habitat that enhance nearby reef systems. they are nurseries for vulnerable marine creatures, nutrient production centers, sediment traps, carbon sinks and home to these large and wonderful reptiles. gardens of the queen marine preserve is a living time capsule, a vintage view of what the caribbean looked like decades ago before overfishing and habitat destruction. see more in the november 2016 @natgeo story: caribbean crown jewels. with @natgeocreative @thephotosociety @the_explorers_club #ocean #cuba #crocodile #extreme #nationalpark #life #nature #predator for #moreocean follow @daviddoubilet
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Matt Crump
11 hours ago
mattcrump Stumbled upon this lovely fern whilst on my way to visit papá. living my best life!
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Skyler Wagoner
12 hours ago
skylerwagoner Making moves this year. just wait on it. i'm a strong believer that great things come with time
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Ryan Neal Cordwell
12 hours ago
ryannealcordwell I don't always wear green wool shoes, but when i do, they're @allbirds, and i love them very much. 🍀 #weareallbirds
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13 hours ago
wideeyedlegless A special note is up on the blog tonight. talking about 2017 goals, and new directions for the blog. one of my goals is to spend more time writing again, and especially talking about how and why i curate my wardrobe (believe it or not i own very little clothing). i believe what you wear should give you confidence and make you feel 100% yourself. read more about how i'm perfecting my wardrobe on the blog and get a little peek inside my closet! #thecuratedcloset
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Corey Arnold
15 hours ago
arni_coraldo Somewhere over chugach national forest, alaska. on these flights to alaska, you can't ignore how vast our wilderness is in the north. i wonder if people will move to these valleys as the changing climate makes the uninhabitable more habitable over time. #winter #alaska #mountains #cold #aerial #natgeo #travel
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Patricia Lay-Dorsey
16 hours ago
I just watched president barack obama hold his final news conference. oh, those words make me so sad. anyway, this is part of his answer to a question about the changes for the lgbt community that have come about during his eight years in office. i want you to notice something about president obama. he takes no credit to himself for the changes, but gives all of the credit to the people, especially the activists who worked so hard to open our minds and hearts. how we will miss this kind of humility!
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Hawkeye Huey
20 hours ago
hawkeyehuey @hawkeyehuey's concentration face in full effect as he works on his first design for the new @target #artclass 2017 line at company headquarters in minneapolis. the collection comes out jan 22, you can see the looks in his bio link! @targetstyle #sponsored
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National Geographic Creative
20 hours ago
natgeocreative New to the collection! photographer @brianskerry swims with gray #seals in waters off the coast of #capecod. #underwater #wildlifewednesday #sealife #massachusetts #ocean
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Stacy Kranitz
21 hours ago
stacykranitz Ken abbott @useful_work this thursday at the tracey morgan gallery @traceymorgangallery in asheville, north carolina.
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John Stanmeyer
21 hours ago
johnstanmeyer Starlight ~ masseuses wash and bath men inside the çemberlitaş hamami in istanbul, turkey. built in 1584, this hamami is one of the most important works of 16th century ottoman architecture. • thank you kindly for following my latest project @bridging.stories on instagram. a project of unity that is about, all of us. • all my best, @johnstanmeyer • @natgeo @natgeocreative @thephotosociety @viiphoto #turkey #istanbul #hamami #cemberlitas #sauna #bath #bathing
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John Tully
jtully First time voting for a woman. from a series, "first timers." halloween. michigan. 2008. #backyard #backyardandbackroads
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