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Patricia Lay-Dorsey
August 2017
patricialaydorsey I look at the images and words posted by ruddy roye on his instagram account @ruddyroye and ask myself, "how am i using this platform? is it enough to simply share the stories i encounter in my day-to-day life or should i be doing more?" in earlier years - actually in earlier months - i used instagram and my blogs to express my thoughts and feelings about where my nation was going with its wars, violence, injustice and outrages against persons of color, refugees, immigrants, muslims, the poor, g**s and women. i saw my role as an artist and social activist as one and the same. i called myself a "creative activist" and felt this was how i could most effectively be an agent of change. after the presidential election in november, things began to change for me personally. i found the more i focused on what was happening with the new administration, the more i lost myself. i became filled with anger, indignation and despair. it was only when i attended the rauschenberg residency in march and april of this year and for six weeks devoted myself entirely to creating art instead of staying informed and agitated, that i found myself again. that was when i discovered that in order to create i had to distance myself from the news and the man who is sitting in the white house. and that is where i am today. is simply creating, enough? should i be doing more? i don't know. what i do know is that throughout history artists have managed to counter the destruction around them by staying true to their inner vision and its outer expression. in order to do that we must protect the passion that fuels our creative fire. for each of us that will take a different form. the key is to understand who we are, how we can best express the truth as we know it, while remaining compassionate, concerned and caring. that will always be enough. #familiesindetroit #families #detroit
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Ami Vitale
August 2017
amivitale Photo by @amivitale. young elephant bawa is getting some love from shaba at reteti elephant sanctuary (@r.e.s.c.u.e). bawa has gotten beneath shaba and is looking for affection. shaba is acting like a mother, letting him nestle so close beneath her head. she is the leader of the packed of orphaned elephants being cared for at reteti. follow @r.e.s.c.u.e and nearby sarara camp (@sararacamp) to support and learn more about these initiatives. #dontletthemdisappear @nrt_kenya @lewa_wildlife @conservationorg @tusk_org @kenyawildlifeservice @sandiegozoo @natgeo @natgeocreative @thephotosociety @nikonusa @nature_africa #elephant #saveelephants #retetielephants #stoppoaching #kenya #northernkenya #magicalkenya #whyilovekenya #africa #everydayafrica #nikonusa #nikonlove #nikonnofilter #nikonambassador #nikond5s #photojournalism #amivitale
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Skyler Wagoner
August 2017
skylerwagoner Hey guys! i bought my ticket to la for september 11th-20th so if you're in the area shoot me a dm and let's hangout. also i got a new phone so if we're friends send me your number! ✌🏻
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Brett Brooner
August 2017
brettbrooner Uggggh. dreamy location. luh these peeps. had too much fun with them and their crew!!
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Matt Slaby
August 2017
mattslaby #chanterelle. far more scarce than porcini right now. seems like half the front range has public roads and public land obscured by intentionally misplaced 'private road' and 'private property' signs. i mean, i feel the sentiment but disagree with the tactics.
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August 2017
thephotosociety Japanese maple abstract - double exposure – photo by kevin schafer – @schaferpho @natgeo // it has been said many times that there are pictures to be found almost everywhere, even just outside your door. to create this one i simply combined an iphone shot of the tree outside my office, and another tree against a striking blue wall just up the street. the result is illogical, but at the same time, a study in shapes, colors and patterns. and i didn’t burn any fossil fuel getting on location… #abstracts #japanesemaple #doubleexposure #worldpostgram #iphone7plus
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Jenn Z
August 2017
thesdcowgirl In case there was any question about how big hawk has gotten... here's your answer. he will be three months old on the 2nd of september. for comparison- his mom is a solid 15 hands tall... #thedxranch #photooftheday #ig_equine #blackandwhite #bnwphotography #aqha #aqhaproud #igers #horsesofinstagram #horses #workingranch #workingranchmagazine #love #happy #hisnameshouldbemoose
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National Geographic Creative
August 2017
natgeocreative This is a #bangladeshi widow. she has lived for a quarter century in the back of a temple in navadwip, west bengal. most would see a woman in this situation as weak and pitiful. photographer @amytoensing’s compassion and respect for this widow shines through to show her exuding nobility, strength and grace. #photooftheweek #bengal #women #culture
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August 2017
ninarobinsonnyc 3:12 pm aug | cornfields and fancy cars. passing through #missouri. #documentaryphotography #midwest #freelancelife #roadtrippin
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Matt Crump
August 2017
mattcrump Many remain unaware of the severity and magnitude of #hurricaneharvey's devastation. help spread the word. use the link in my bio for ways to help.
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August 2017
wideeyedlegless Silver details made especially great because of my new @skagendenmark watch. i love stacking my arm with watches and bracelets ⌚️ ❤️ #skagen #sponsored #feweryetbetter
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Jesse Burke
August 2017
jesse_burke Had a meeting with a student today and we discussed bernini. this reminds me of his veil works. #bernini
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Camrin Dengel
August 2017
camrindengel Conversations. -- was listening so intently myself, leaned my head right into the hot fence. #whoops #horses #idaho
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Stella Maria Baer
August 2017
stellamariabaer Last touches on this new painting of the comparative sizes of celestial spheres #watercolor #painting #studio #studiowall #contemporaryart #cosmology #spheres
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Theron Humphrey
August 2017
thiswildidea So good being home 🙌🏼 grateful i get to catch that tn sunset breaking through the rain with a cold beer on my porch. enjoy your slice of life and give thanks whenever y'all can 🙌🏼 sometimes it goes quick. - @gooseisland #ad #roadtotheharvest
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Melissa Spitz
August 2017
nothing_to_worry_about Smoking and walking, jax beach, 2016 mom has been super lonely so we are going to meet in florida next month and spend some time together. i love getting to see my brother and our dog cleo. mom can be pretty demanding on these vacations. she promised this trip she would different. i plan on setting my exceptions low, per usual. but the beach will be nice. stay tuned! #mom #youhavenothingtoworryabout #jaxbeach #flordia #family #vacation
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