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thephotosociety Photo by @timlaman // a juvenile lionfish shelters on a barrel sponge off the island of bali. indonesia has the world’s greatest marine biodiversity. i have been documenting the biodiversity of indonesia for many years and you can see a lot more on my feed @timlaman. #indonesiabiodiversity, #bali, #indonesia, #scubadiving, @thephotosociety, @natgeocreative
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nolabeings “i lost everything. i went to work thinking i was going to come back to my house. and my neighbor called me and told me that my house – that a tornado had just taken it away. that i didn't have anything left. and i'm just numb. i don't know what to say. i'm waiting on insurance people and it's just, it's hard. i don't have a house. no one was home, thank god. when i got here yesterday, this is how it looked – no roof, no front, no back. everything everywhere. i was in this house for about 16 years. i lived here with my husband and my daughter. i'm just tired and i'm aggravated and i haven't had the strength to talk to nobody. i've never been exposed to something like this. you see the people on tv, but until it actually actually really happens to you, it's like – oh my god. but i know god is able to see me through this and to live another day, because i'm living. i will see better days.” #nolabeings #neworleans
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Devin Allen ◼️◾️▪️
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bydvnlln Felt good giving a baltimore artist attending school in ny @tim_esquire a camera :: a young lady who works for the baltimore city school system put us in contact :: welcome to the world of photography brother :: #vsco #iphone #dxone :: #baltimore ::: #dvnlln
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Camille Storch
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waywardspark Two #podcastrecs : #1 the new york times has a new show called the daily. today's episode recapped yesterday's lawyer-judge conference call discussing donald trump's travel ban executive order and the lawsuits currently preventing its implementation. i feel like i understand where things stand much better now. #2 the new season of sooo many white guys is 🔥💣. i particularly love the banter between @dopequeenpheebs and @joanielee .
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Theron Humphrey
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thiswildidea Le tour de idaho hot springs 🙈
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Ami Vitale
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amivitale Photo by @amivitale. a bumper crop of 23 giant pandas was born last year at chengdu panda base in sichuan province, china. baby giant pandas are born weighing only a fraction of a pound, on average 100 grams, which is only 1/900 of their mother’s weight. with an adult population estimated at more than 1,864 wild pandas and 500 captive pandas, they have been upgraded from endangered to threatened. in a region where bad environmental news is common, china is on its way to successfully saving its most famous ambassador. @natgeo @natgeocreative @thephotosociety @nikonusa #chegndu #sichuan #china #climatechange #conservation #natureisspeaking #savetheplanet #panda #pandas #babypanda #ipanda #giantpanda #pandacub #nikonusa #nikonlove #nikonnofilter #nikonambassador #nikond5s #photojournalism #amivitale
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Stella Maria Baer
last month
stellamariabaer This past week i took wyeth and fox for a drive into the desert. i was hoping to paint but wyeth wouldn't stop crying so i ended up nursing him most of the three mile hike into this moon canyon. my desire to paint hasn't lessened any since having a baby but now there is an equally strong desire to spend as much time as i can with wyeth. so i didn't paint that day. but i showed my baby boy a place i love and we watched the moon rise together. and i will paint again soon.
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_spirits Watercolor on canvas .. artsy friends have you ever used water mixable oils? oils were my favorite in art school but i don't like having to use solvents 🌜i picked up some #schmincke #mediumw yesterday and i'm excited to try it
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Matt Crump
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mattcrump Me: knock, knock homeowner: who's there? me: margarita homeowner: what? me: your house reminds me of strawberry margaritas homeowner: please leave me alone, sir.
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National Geographic Creative
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natgeocreative This great image comes from adventure photographer @coryrichards who will be the keynote speaker at this year's @sxsw kickoff of interactive programming on march 10th. check out richards on the cover of sxsworld magazine. link in profile. #sxsw2017 #sxswinteractive
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Patricia Lay-Dorsey
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#repost @democracynow with @repostapp ・・・ chase iron eyes responds to the u.s. army corps of engineers' announcement it will greenlight the final phase of construction for the dakota access pipeline. see full interviews and responses to this latest update in the fight against the $3.8 billion pipeline at democracynow.org. ~ **corrected info**from patricia: february 8 has been declared the international day of protest. to find a protest demo near you, check out www.everydayofaction.org. detroit protest is 6 pm campus martius park, february 8 #dapl #dakotaaccesspipeline #nodapl #news #media #interview #indigenous #water #chaseironeyes #standingrock #northdakota
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wideeyedlegless Continuing the wardrobe series on the blog today with a look of all my 2016 purchases 💫 link in profile!
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National Geographic Travel
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natgeotravel Photo by @andywcoleman // we came to the tanjung puting national park in indonesian #borneo in search of the iconic orangutan. to thoroughly explore the park, we needed to take a traditional klotok wooden river boat. from our floating lodge, we slowly drifted through the rain forest, keeping an eye out for the abundance of wildlife that congregated near the river. as we watched this orangutan swiftly move through the forest, we were amazed by her strength and agility - plus, just look at that face! despite being a protected national park, much of the primary forest is degraded. the loss of natural habitat is the greatest threat to the orangutan and the other wildlife in this area. @natgeoexpeditions #natgeostaff
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Jenn Z
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thesdcowgirl Happy h**p day! run, tony! run! for those of you that recall, tony was born windswept and over at the knees. he had to be kept in a confined space for 30 days. the first time we turned him out and he realized he could fly, he did! i get to start him any day now, and i can't wait to see what adventures we have! #photographer #instagood #igers #mystory #love #happyhumpday #snow #blueskies #thedxranch #aqha #aqhaproud #aqhasnow #quarterhorse #runtonyrun #winter #happy #horsesofinstagram #ig_equine
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Stacy Kranitz
last month
stacykranitz Please join me tonight in pittsburgh at point park university. i'll be talking about my work in appalachia and the great political divide wreaking havoc on our country. . @spaces_corners has kindly wrangled copies of speak your piece. we'll have a book signing following the talk. hope to see you there.
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