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National Geographic
last month
natgeo Photo by @hoffmanbrendan | a family relaxes on the banks on the horyn river in dubrovytsya, a town at the center of ukraine's amber fields. in northwestern ukraine, illegal amber mining is destroying forests and, authorities fear, strengthening criminal gangs. yet for locals, it's one of the only jobs available that pays a decent wage, and it's hard, dangerous work. most believe it's illegal not because of the environmental harm or criminal elements, but because it allows corrupt politicians and police to collect bribes and look the other way. #ukraine #україна #ambermafia #lada #picnic
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last month
mtv Welcome back to instagram, @justinbieber 💕
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Fox News
last month
foxnews Breaking news: senator jeff sessions appears to have the votes needed to be confirmed as attorney general of the united states. (photo credit: ap)
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BBC America
last month
It’s storytelling that unites us. it’s bigger than our differences. #gathertogether for #planetearth2, feb. 18th at 9/8c on @bbcamerica.
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E! News
last month
Tonight on #enews: tom hiddleston spills on his relationship with taylor swift, the latest on maddison aldridge's recovery and chrissy mentz opens up about what she overcame to get to the top. 7 & 11.
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MTV News
last month
mtvnews Tom hiddleston’s got something to say about that “i heart t.s.” tank top and would very much like to be excluded from your hiddleswift conspiracy narrative. _ "she's generous and kind and lovely, and we had the best time," he says in his new gq cover story. hiddleston knows what you're thinking, that his picture-perfect romance with swift was all a publicity stunt. but to that, the kong: skull island actor says, "of course it was real." _ "we will always know what it was. the narratives that are out there altogether have been extrapolated from pictures that were taken without consent or permission, with no context. nobody had the context for that story. and i'm still trying to work out a way of having a personal life and protecting it, but also without hiding. so the hardest thing is that that was a joke among friends on the fourth of july,” he continued. _ sadly, hiddleston did not address the temporary heart tattoo — with a "t" in the middle — he was also sporting while frolicking on swift's rhode island beach property. so we're going to assume that it was part of the joke, too. _ tl;dr — hiddleston doesn't want to hide his love (or his pda) from the world. he wants to shout it from the rooftops. _ do you, tom, do you. _ by blaire monroe
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last month
@nascar legend @jeffgordonweb gets in gear for his #mickeyracers guest star role & reveals the character he’d want most in his pit crew.
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Cartoon Network
last month
Who else wishes these two were back together? 😍💘 watch the rest of this 🔥 episode on the cn app (👀 link in bio.) #adventuretime #waybackwednesday
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Comedy Central
last month
comedycentral Jeff's set for life. watch an all-new @jeffandsomealiens tonight.
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last month
foxtv Don't miss the premiere of #masterchefjunior tomorrow at 8/7c!
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Lifetime TV
last month
lifetimetv From beyonce to apple, bozoma saint john has been the mastermind behind some of the biggest music moments in recent years. learn more about this "badass boz" for #blackhistorymonth. link in bio.
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Yahoo TV
last month
Remember that classic #thesimpsons episode called 'boy-scoutz 'n the hood'? #nationalboyscoutsday
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last month
cnn 🤛🏽u.s. supreme court nominee judge neil gorsuch fist-bumps 4 year old charles marshall of dover, delaware, in the hallway as he arrives for a meeting with sen. tom cotton on february 8, 2017 in washington, dc. (📸: alex wong/ getty images)
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last month
discoverychannel This beautiful red and green aurora, photographed by one of the expedition 6 crew members aboard the international space station on march 30, 2003, is but one of a series of photos taken by iss crew members. . learn more about the sun on #darksideofthesub this saturday at 9/8c on #discoverychannel as part of @sciencechannel weekend. . . #science #satellites #iss #internationalspacestation #spacestation #astronomy
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MTV Polska
last month
mtvpolska_official Dajcie nam numer do fryzjera @missbrodka! 😎👀💋 #brodka #hairstyles #look
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last month
history On this day in 1986, figure skater debi thomas became the first african american to win the women's singles of the u.s. national figure skating championship competition. thomas went on to also be the first african american to win a medal in and sport at the winter olympics in 1988 when she won a bronze medal in the women’s figure skating event. #blackhistorymonth (📷 getty images)
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Sony Entertainment Television
last month
Surprises and entertainment se bhara hoga #filmfareawards2017 ka manch. dekhna na bhulein, 18th feb raat 9 baje. @sunilgrover @iamsrk
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BBC News
last month
8 feb: detained in august last year, turkish author asli erdogan is one of many intellectuals facing criminal charges since the failed coup in july 2016. she describes the situation in her country as 'kafkaesque'. find out more: bbc.in/asli #aslierdogan #aslıerdoğan #turkey #journalist #jailed #turkishcoup #özgürgündem #kafkaesque #istanbul #bbcshorts #bbcnews @bbcnews
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Alpha TV
last month
alphatv #apotinarxi. ζήστε τον έρωτα σε α’ τηλεοπτική προβολή. τρίτη 14 φεβρουαρίου, στις 21:50.
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