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I was thinking about the "studio to street" mentality at @aloyoga and what that means to me. •
every friday morning i bring my best self to @corecyclestudios to create a space of community for my classes. throughout the class i remind my students to notice rather than judge; we create a space of awareness & kindness for your body and mind. •
so when i take that to the street i remind myself to treat everyone with kindness and to give them space (by that i mean, don't assume you know what their day has been like or what their going through. don't allow their negativity to effect your space)

how do you live studio to street? •

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So excited about hosting this new challenge with some of my favorite chicas 😍
if you've never participated in a yoga challenge before i highly reccomend you give it a try! they're super fun, you get to make some amazing online connections with the other participants & hosts, and it'll spice up (or initiate) your yoga practice πŸ€—πŸ™ •

✨challenge announcement✨
bullying is never okay. october is national bullying prevention month, and we want to stand as a yoga community against bullying and for kindness. join us for 10 days of standing poses october 20-30th as we stand against bullying. ✨how to play:
follow all hosts and sponsors.
use the #neveralonewestand repost this flyer and tag some friends to join.
post a picture each day with our pose; all props and modifications welcome! for days 1-5 tell us something you love about yourself. for days 6-10 tell us something you love about someone else.
set your profile to public so we can see. πŸ’—hosts:
@skclay86 πŸ’—generous sponsors:

pose lineup:

1. goddess
2. warrior 2
3. tree
4. wide-legged forward fold
5. triangle
6. dancer
7. super soldier
8. extended side angle
9. warrior 3
10. half moon or sugar cane
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6 minutes later πŸ˜‹ •

i love love love a good warm up where a little bit goes a long way.
when you target your stretching and work within your range, you'll begin to notice some amazing changes in your practice. •

the best part about it is you can do this flow if you have 6 minutes or if you have 36 minutes. the only difference is you would repeat the flow 6 times when you have 36 minutes free. so take this flow as a base level for your practice, maybe add it to the end of your workout, maybe do it as a little break from your work day -> mold it as you please!

here's the breakdown: - hip vinyasa (5x move between low lunge & half split)
- skandasana/side lunge
- hip vinyasa
- skandasana - wide legged forward fold
- frog pose - center split lying on belly @ wall
- cow face - center split seated upright @ wall
- add some side bends & folds
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Building a community isn't an easy thing, which is why i'm so thankful for all of you.
you're the reason @fitflexyfolk exists and you're the reason we can continue to expand this beautiful space. •

if you haven't already go ahead and give @fitflexyfolk a follow & then share on your story asking your friends to follow @fitflexyfolk as well πŸ’• we've got less than 12 hours left till the official launch of @fitflexyfolk has ended (and i have to record to my professor how many followers i was able to grow my account by)
so thanks for helping me with my homework πŸ˜‹πŸ˜˜
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Ali B-F 😘🧘‍♀️
πŸ”₯πŸ’– 24 hour  g i v e a w a y πŸ’–πŸ”₯ to send some gratitude your way, i've teamed up with some amazing ladies to bring one lucky yogi this yoga haul!!! the giveaway includes: - one pair of yoga pant capris (size small) - one sports bra (size small) - one gratitude adjustable bracelet - one natural stone necklace - two coconut protein snacks - one container organic emerald green tea
how to win:

1. like this post

2. follow






3. tag your friends (1 comment = 1 entry) γ€Š the more you comment, the better chance you have of winning!》 πŸ’•for maximum bonus entries share the giveaway info in your stories and tag us πŸ’•

one winner will be selected 10/12/18 5:00pm est and announced on this post/on my story ** winner must be usa based (or have a usa address they can ship to)*** good luck!! disclaimer: this contest is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with instagram, inc. by entering, entrants confirm that they are 13+ years of age, release instagram of responsibility, and agree to instagram’s term of use.
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It can be a bit scary to tell your story,
to open up your heart,
and show someone the inner workings of what lead you to where you are. •

so thank you for allowing me to tell you my story.
thank you for taking the time to read it all (cuz it was a heckin lot of text). •

and now it's your turn.
i want you to tell me a bit of your story πŸ‘‡ •

take that how you will. maybe write me a sentence, maybe a couple paragraphs, whatever feels right for you. •

make sure to check out @fitflexyfolk for yoga inspo and all the features 😍

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@fitflexyfolk transformation & how to! ~
okay. first off, you're not going to become gumby after one night of stretching.
some people have bodies that respond super quickly to stretching, and some people have bodies that need a little more coaxing and time, but both of those kinds of bodies need time for the flexibility to start showing itself.
no matter what kind of body you find yourself with your yoga practice is going to progress so so much faster (and better) if you are doing targeted stretches in proper alignment.
one of the reasons why my practice started progressing so quickly was because i started placing more importance on doing poses in the proper alignment rather than just trying to go as deep as i possibly could.
so go ahead and swipe left to see what i'm talking about.
this little flow/stretches i put together for you includes some amazing postures to do to work on your alignment and increase your flexibility.

because this transformation is focused on the hips and side body here's some tips to keep in mind for your practice:
- square off those hips!! imagine you have headlights on the front of your hip bones, wherever you are facing those two headlights should be shining in the same direction
- square off those shoulders! the best way to do this in any side body bend is to pinch your shoulder blades back and then send them down towards your hips, this will open up the front of the chest and make it easier for you to stack those shoulders. ~
be sure to check out my new feature account @fitflexyfolk if you haven't already!
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Part 3: the end of a story that started a new chapter
• •
in the months following that initial decision to switch my major and make my own, i had to ask myself what i wanted.
my major initially had a very heavy influence from yoga - so it was a blend of wellness and marketing classes.
and i continued to add and remove classes, trying to mold my major so that it could best represent the future i wanted.
the name of my major shifted, the courses shifted, my final capstone project shifted, basically over the course of 6 months i watched as my major unfolded itself before my eyes.
then, during the craziness of last semester's finals, i presented my major proposal in front of the board. that was one of the most nerve racking yet rewarding experiences i've had. i had to tell them my life story and then convince them that my proposal was practical for my future.
in the end we decided on "digital marketing and entrepreneurship"
it's a blend of business, communication, and journalism classes, basically all of them gearing towards social media and/or entrepreneurship.
looking into the future i don't know exactly where i'm going but i do know it's going to i incorporate social media, marketing, and for sure some yoga πŸ™πŸ’™

so my friends, follow what sets your soul on fire.
it's not easy, it's not glamorous, it's hard work - but my oh my is it rewarding in the end. (swipe through to take a lil look back at how my #universityyoga has changed over time)

if you have any questions for me about any part of my story that i've shared please feel free to ask me below, i'd love to hear from you ❀

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Part 2 of 3: the day after the bead fell
• •
you see, i knew leaving @mariannewellsyogaschool that that bead was supposed to fall off. i left costa rica feeling like the small seed of inspiration that had been in my belly the whole time was finally beginning to bloom. • •
the day after the bead fell off i went back home to baltimore for the weekend. i was sitting in my living room talking with my parents about what my plan was after i graduated. for those of you that don't know, at the time i was an environmental science and policy major with a concentration in marine and coastal management. my dad was telling me about some different options i should start looking into and then somehow the words "i dont really want to do environmental science for the rest of my life" came out of my mouth. it was something i had known for a while, but it wasn't something i had fully come to terms with yet, till right then and there. part of me felt like i was betraying the environment, something i had been passionate about my whole life. part of me felt like if i switched my major now i would have wasted 2.5 years of school.
and part of me screamed, don't be scared.
that fear formed a blanket over what the reality was: my parents didn't care what i majored in - they just wanted me to leave school with a degree i could actually use and i knew i wasn't betraying my love for the environment - i just had to find a new way to share that passion. • •
then we found the perfect solution, the individual studies program. it was literally everything i was looking for. i got to pick my own classes, craft the major to exactly my goals - it was a dream come true. so during the following spring semester i went through the very long & very rewarding process of making my own major in digital marketing and entrepreneurship. • •
to be continued . . .
• •
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Be fearless in the pursuit of things that set your soul on fire. •

part 1 of 3

part 1: this time last year. •

11 months ago a small bead on my bracelet fell off.
why is that significant?
because this was the single string, single bead bracelet that was tied onto my wrist during my @mariannewellsyogaschool teacher training the summer prior. that single string bead held on for 5 months before finally letting go. i wanted so badly for that bead to show me meaning, to show me purpose, to show me something.
and it did, i just didn't know it yet.
the day it fell off wasnt significant, what literally changed my life happened the following weekend.
but before i get to part 2, here's what i wrote to my #reallyrealyoga friends in our facebook group:
sometime between last night and this morning, i lost my string and bead. the funny thing is that i'm always playing with the bracelet and sliding the string around, yet i didn't notice it fall off. i also have no clue where the string went i just found the little bead sitting on the bathroom carpet this morning.
i think that part of me was hoping that i would lose my string during something significant so i would have this moment to remember, yet i have no notion as to when/where exactly i lost the string. •
to be continued. . . •

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You have plenty of time.
lemme say that again, cuz i want it to really sink in.
you have plenty of time. .
the world, myself included, is running from one thing to the next, trying to squeeze 30 hours worth of things into 24.
and, by george, it's really d**n hard to remind yourself that you have time. .
take a step back, zoom out. like literally.
imagine your day in minutes - zoom out - now imagine your day in hours - zoom out - now imagine your week in days.
when you allow yourself the time you need to get things done your stress is going to decrease. it's not always feasible to do everything you need to do in an hour or a day, and that's why i encourage you to zoom out. instead of packing your day down to the minute, try spacing things out over the week πŸ™

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Ali B-F 😘🧘‍♀️
How yogis chill on a friday night πŸ˜‹ • •
what're you up to tonight? • •
i just got back from a really cool bon fire with @preciouspeachphotos πŸ”₯
before that we got a whole bunch of pics around umbc's campus . . .
and now i'm chilling with my puppers and doing a bit of homework πŸ€“ • • πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ @fitflexyfolk πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆ • •
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