Harvesters Gbagada Plot 5-7 Gbagada Oshodi Expressway, Opp Mobil Filling Station,Gbagada, Lagos| Service Times:Sundays;7.00am | 8.45am | 10.30am |12.00pm Saturday 5.30pm http://www.harvestersng.org/
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Harvesters Gbagada
There's a place for you at harvesters!
welcome to church!
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Harvesters Gbagada
Welcome to church! first service just started. it's not too late to head over and join us. we're excited to have you with us!

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Harvesters Gbagada
Changing the way you think changes your perspective which changes how you act.

as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.
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Harvesters Gbagada
Do you know the “swipe right” slang? say no more! we gat you!๐Ÿ˜œ relationship | networking | connection

join us this sunday to swipe right to a good relationship.โ˜บ 7am service only #meanttobe #relationshipseries #hooked #harvestersgbagada #singlesonly
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Harvesters Gbagada
F- false
e- experiences
a- appearing
r- real

be careful not to act based on your past experience.false experiences shouldn’t destroy great relationship... that’s why you should join us tomorrow in all services for a proper check!

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Harvesters Gbagada
Coming to church this weekend? we would want you to have world class experience.
our ever efficient traffic team would ensure you experience the easiest of parking & adequate security.

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Harvesters Gbagada
Love. dating. sex

do you or anyone you know have questions on these topics?
then come hang out with @thefifthcommunity today by 5:30!

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Harvesters Gbagada
A heart to heart for single and married ladies, on how to relate and protect their man!
are you praying for your family?
are you adding value?

start today!!! be the person god wants you to be!!! #harvestersgbagada
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Harvesters Gbagada
Money issues are responsible for 22% of divorces,making it the third leading cause.

budgeting may seem tedious, but having one can yield significant benefits.

join us this sunday as we discuss more on marriage & finance in all services.

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Harvesters Gbagada
Tap ๐Ÿ”ˆand โค๏ธ to know more on the best thing that can happen to you before marriage...
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Harvesters Gbagada
Baby dedication & thanksgiving happening this sunday.

fourth service only.

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Harvesters Gbagada
Differences of opinion don't destroy relationships. it's how a couple deals with their inevitable differences that counts.

be mindful!!! these teachings continue this sunday; 7am, 8:45am, 10:30am and 12noon

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