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It’s another beautiful sunday where we tackle the common issues in relationships & ofcus the 1st service will be speaking to the singles specifically.

don’t forget to join us this sunday by 7:10am as this promises to be worth it... #harvesters #hiccplus #whyamisingle #fears #hurts
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Why am i single?
do i like being single?
join us in the first service tomorrow for our #meanttobe series by 7:10am you definitely do not want to miss this one... #meanttobe #harvesters #hiccplus #inviteafriendtoo
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#unbroken2018 started last night

if you missed the opening session, you missed too much.

try to catch up tonight and if you're not in our area, remember to join our instalive stream.
today, thursday 27th september
is our diva's night 6pm prompt

and tomorrow friday 28th september,
singles connect 6pm prompt.
saturday 29th september
couples breakfast 10am prompt

see you all here.

#unbroken2018 #harvesters #lekki #changinglives #hiccplus
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Dear diva.......
fierce, powerful, strong, graceful, kindhearted and beautiful....... divas night has been created specially for you.
a night of great music, deep heartfelt conversations with practical solutions to questions only divas have, networking, and wow
venue is harvesters international christian centre, no 34, providence street, lekki.
date is september 27th
time is 6:00pm prompt
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Repost from @harvesterslekki using @repostregramapp - ready
live... raise your hands if you can't wait for wednesday 26th.
all roads lead to our auditorium for the event of the year.

we are ready!
you get set.! time: 6pm #harvesters #lekki #changinglives #unbroken2018
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How would you deal with a cheating partner?
answers don't make us wiser, questions do.
but questions without answers leaves one frustrated. 😤

this and many more are reasons why you cannot afford to miss out on #unbroken2018.

this years singles' and married conference is dedicated to addressing practical issues.

we are ready
are you?
26th - 30th september
#harvesters #lekki #changinglives
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Unbroken 2018!
the singles & married conference!
singles night - friday 28th at 6pm!
hassani pettiford is coming to town! make sure to invite your family and friends
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Repost from @harvesterslekki using @repostregramapp - #lastweekendatharvesterslekki was all shades of awesome,
what a day and time to be alive and serving jesus christ.

we know how to pray, worship, praise and we also know how to have fun with our family and friends.
#harvesters #lekki #changinglives
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Repost from @harvesterslekki using @repostregramapp - yeeaaaaay🎉🎊💐🎉🎊🎆🎇🎍🎋🎏
just 1more day to the biggest sunday at harvesters this year.

we are already
are you?
#harvesters #lekki #thissundayatharvesterslekki #familyfun
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Repost from @harvesterslekki using @repostregramapp - receive grace to make the right choices and meet the right people.
#harvesters #lekki
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Resurge day 19: types of prayer

7th september, 2018 *text: luke 11:1-13*

prayer is communication between god and man. it is a two-ways relationship whereby it is required that both
speaks and listen. in most cases prayer in the normal religious settings is a solemn assembly that requires one
speaking to god and presenting his need without even allowing god the opportunity to hear him not even to
respond, in some cases it is even seen as a telephone conversation between two distance relationship in which
one dials the other in this case man seek out god in a place and after then prayer stops or the phone conversation
stops, but when we understand that as children of god we do not have a father that is distant gal 2:20 thus we
should be in constant communication with him as he desires us to be, 1 thess 5:16-18, meaning we should
always be spiritually alert to be able to communicate with our father as any of the two parties at any point can start
up the conversation, thus it shouldn’t be limited to only that time in which we actually and consciously as religious
people set out to pray. *types of prayer*
there are however different types of prayer, below is few of it as the list might be more depending on individual
needs: ● prayer of communion- a communion/ communication that should be all day and all time. 1 thessalonians
5:16-18 ● prayer of supplication- presenting our needs before god philippians 4:6 ● prayer of intercession- praying on behalf of others, remembering others before god- colossians 1:9 ● prayer of confession/repentance-1 john 1:9 ● prayer of thanksgiving- eph 1:16 ● spiritual warfare prayer- which first has to do with dealing with yourself recognizing the mind as the
battlefield then finally dealing with the devil and its spiritual entourage-2 corinthians 10:14 ● prayer of adoration – worship and reverence to god almighty
common of application to the prayer can be seen typically in the prayer of christ in which he taught the disciples
on how to pray. our father in heaven hallowed be thy name, thy will be done on earth as in heaven (adoration/thanksgiving), give us this day our daily bread (supplication and intercession) a
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It’s 3days to the fff festival (friends, family and food festival).... have you invited everyone you know? service times: 7:10am|| 8:15am|| 10:00am || 11:45am
#friends #family #food #festival #hicc #harvesters #hiccplus
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