Hinds HOLA WELCOME TO HINDS 🍎 #vivahinds http://smarturl.it/Hinds_IDR
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Dallas!! we're here with @alberthammondjr . come do some sweet bonding with us 🀠🀠 3/20 houston, tx 3/21 new orleans, la 3/23 atlanta, ga 4/24 birmingham, al 4/25 nashville, tn tix at hindsband.com 🀘🏽
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Sxsw is finished. 14 shows, bruises, tears and sweat, dying for you ❀ thank you very f*****g much. you might all go to hell but im going back to texas πŸ”₯ c u tonight in dallas. amazing pic by @dhallphoto
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Sxsw show number 14 at hotel vegas, 9:30pm. if we survived to 13, were gonna come over this last one all together ❀️ we f*****g love this festival you give us yhe best experiences of the year!!!!!!!!!
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Playing 5.10pm barracuda
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Officially named queens. this is last night and today we are playing at 1:30pm at stubbs (rachael ray party) and at 5:10 at barracuda (g0512). because watching hinds at @sxsw is watching hinds destroy themselves little by little gig after gig. come die for music with us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pictures x @guanmuhan ♥️
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Day 4 guys and its friday!!!!!!!!!! and its f*****g hot !!!!!!!!!! 1pm cheer up charlies (@brooklynvegan ) 5pm little woodrows (@livevibemusic ) 1am seven grand (@gorillavsbear ) #dtf amigaaaaassss🌷🌷🌷
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Done for today wooohoo holidays #beers?
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7/14 shows done. 2pm at @consequence in scoot inn 4:30pm at @levitation in hotel vegas mamasita texas is out of control come get high with us πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
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😻😻😻happy bday amber😻😻😻
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What a beautiful day people. its grimbos birthday!!!!!!!!!!! and we all can celebrate it with the power of music in: 🧑12pm @waterloorecords 🧑 4pm @floodmagazine x @siriusxmu at cedar st. 🧑 10:15pm @desertdaze_official at hotel vegas !!!!!!!!!!! bring presents for amber !!!!! and guys !! we play a different set list every show, it’d be the coolest thing to come to more than one during the weeekkkkkk (i know you are already doing it hahaha but anyways ) we love sxsw we love you we love amber !!!!!!
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Good morning austin!!!!!!!!!!!!! check today’s schedule: ⭐️2pm at sahara lounge ( @sheshredsmag got moved there) ⭐️5pm at flower shop (intuit party) ⭐️1am at pearl street (@transgressivehq ) betttteeee be theeeeereeee ayyyayayayayyyyy we so excited !!!!!!!
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We've been called sxsw queens. and we’re back to prove it one more year πŸ‘ŠπŸ½
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I-dont-run !!!! i-dont-run !!!!!! you guys need this. link guess where 😜
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Madrid madrid madrid i don't run en tu calle 7 junio.
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πŸ’œ #8m #happyinternationalwomensday es un orgullo compartir este mundo con vosotras πŸ’œ we are proud of living this world with you πŸ’œ
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I'm not gonna go.
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For the first time in our hands... this is so beautiful. please get yours, you gonna luv it!!!!!!!!!!! #supportnewmusic #vivahinds linkinbio
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Out now. go listen. you won’t regret it. the club.
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Set your alarm. 7.15pm uk time to tune into @bbcradio1 to listen for the first time to !!!!!!! the club !!!!!! hottest record in the world + interview with @anniemacdj 😎 if u dont have radio, link is in bio and it works everywhere πŸ’«
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The club world premiere tomorrow. 7.30pm uk time at bbc1 "hottest record of the world" with annie mac. so hot you're almost burningπŸ”₯
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