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This is my last post for the next week or so. we are heading south for spring break to spend some time in the mountains. i’ll be back!
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Cheddar has sat with charlotte at the table since he was a kitten. i love that even though they are both growing like weeds these days, they both still fit together ❤️ #thestoryofcharlotteandcheddar

“until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~ anatole france

we are a group of artists dedicated to documenting the love and bond we have with our pets! follow the #kidsandpetsloop to see the fun we had with our fur-babies this week! next up: @lifewith_katandbo
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The snow has melted and it’s officially spring. but we still have a chill in the air and gorgeous winter light. ✨

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Her, lost inside her beautiful mind, in some beautiful light ✨

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When i picked charlotte up from school this day, she walked out with her head down and a pout on her face. when i asked her what was wrong, she burst into tears. her teacher usually gives each kid a single skittle at the end of the day if they had a good day. but she ran out, and that day no one got a skittle. she thought she must have done something wrong, but didn’t know what she did. she was truly heartbroken. so i gave her a big hug and told her if she put on a smile, i had a surprise when we got home. when we got home, i got into our own skittle stash and gave her a handful. all was well with the world once again. although she did say she felt sorry for all her friends because they didn’t get any and she got a lot 🌈❤️

“the beauty of the natural world lies in the details.” ~ natalie angier

welcome to our details loop. a group of us got together to capture those important little details. follow along and get inspired to capture your own. •

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Leslie is so amazing. her work is like looking at museum quality classical paintings. her freelensed composites are unlike anything i’ve seen before, and truly so inspiring! i did my best to channel my inner leslie by adding texture to this freelensed image of my daughter. i know i didn’t use her exact technique, but i love the result. leslie, you are incredible and i’m so blessed to know you! •

if you want to learn more about how leslie makes her magic, check out her post on the @hellostoryteller blog!

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I am grateful that every now and then, she still smiles for my camera. this image was processed with “bliss” from my art & soul black and white presets {link in bio } #hollynicoletimekeeper_bnw

"a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles." in this life we are showered in blessings, if only we take the time to see them. “

welcome to our #gratitudeloop, a group of photographers joined together to focus on all we are thankful for. a group in itself full of gratitude for each other, connected by positive energy and essence with unconditional support of each other.
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Over the weekend we had a big warm up that melted all the snow and turned to rain... and eventually bad storms. but before the storms rolled in we had to go outside and feel our first day that felt like spring was right around the corner!

“a moment can change the way you view the world, and the way you view the world will give you more moments.”
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When i think of gorgeous light, movement and all around dreamy inspiration, @ambertalbertphotography is at the top of my list. her work is full of all of these things. it always makes me feel something... like i want to be right there with them. she is truly and incredible artist and such a sweet person! thank you, amber for being such an inspiration ❤️✨

"creativity is contagious, pass it on." ~ albert einstein. .
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this week's theme: {light catchers}
image inspired by: @ambertalbertphotography .
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Today i am celebrating my amazing and talented friend @tessiewallace on reaching 10,000 followers here on instagram! tessie is a master underwater photographer, a light chaser and a friend to all who know her. please help us celebrate by spreading the love and showing how she has inspired you by tagging #tessie10kcelebration ! congratulations, tessie!!! it’s so well deserved!

winter means embracing the low light around us! a group of us decided get together and showcase the world around us through our low light captures. ***welcome to our winter low light loop *** follow the loop around or hashtag #winter_lowlight to see each of our interpretation for this theme. •

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Classic beauty #hollynicoletimekeeper_bnw

week 11: portraits

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It’s starting to get warmer every now and then and the days are getting longer. thank goodness winter is on its way out! •

i processed this image with “symphony” from my new art & soul black and white preset collection {link in bio} #hollynicoletimekeeper_bnw #storiesfromourtreeswing

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