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Hey there! 😘

let’s talk about health and fitness...after-all, this is my health and fitness account! 😆

i’ve had “issues” with my body my whole life.😏i could write a whole novel about that in itself, but that’s another post for another day. —
current situation is this...the last year and a half have been completely crazy! if i’d have known what was coming my way i may have run the other direction! 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️

instead, i’ve eaten my way through happy, sad, stress, despair, frustrated, confused, anxious, hopeful, overwhelmed and who knows how many more emotions over the last few months. 😳

and even though i’ve coached and encouraged other women to their own weight loss and health and fitness goals...mine have been less than stellar. 😒 i’ve been feeling lethargic, sick, frustrated, blah.
and i gained back all of the 24-ish pounds i’d lost after having baby number seven. 🙄

so, i’m putting it out there...i’m starting over. —

because you only fail if you quit.
and i’m not a quitter. —
i’m a stumbler. a faller. a roll all the way down the freaking hill-er. 🤣 but not a quitter. 💪🏼

so i’m brushing myself off and giving it another go! and i’ll be putting together a new virtual bootcamp. so if you’re a fellow stumble and fall-er and want to get your b**t in gear too, watch for info. 😘😉
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#100happydays #day19
my mom and baby #4 looking through pictures and talking about ancestors.❤️❤️
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#100happydays #day18
a day behind again. imagine that?!🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

a long drive to a cute little town, for a fun little bridal shower, for a super sweet daughter-in-law! 😍
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#100happydays #day17
i love when they get along. 💕

he’s really very sweet to her when she lets him be. 💕
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#100happydays #day16 i’m not very good at doing this everyday. 🤷‍♀️this was yesterday. —
cramming as much work into the day as we can. and there’s a baby on his lap.😍
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i ❤️us! —
"we build our marriages with endless friendship, confidence, integrity, and by administering and sustaining each other in our difficulties." —james e. faust
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#100happydays day#14
it’s the opening day of elk season. —
and since i wasn’t doing that...i decided to take the kids on a short hike. —
tonight, as i was scrolling through the pics i took, this one grabbed me. 💕

i remember thinking how cute it was when she took his hand, so i quickly snapped a picture. but looking at it later made my mama heart gush.💕—
it’s been a trying year and a half or so. i think i’ve missed so many of these precious little moments because...well...life. —
no more. this is what matters. loving my people much more intentionally and purposefully from now on. 💗💗
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#100happydays #day13
every baby needs a binky and a backhoe! 🤣🤣
and yes, he’s always half naked.

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“find your way to your soul”

so much of life allows us to be superficial. most of our friends & acquaintances, social media followers/friends and even family only know us at surface level. —

but how well do we know ourselves?
i think it takes a trial or a “rough patch” or sadly, sometimes a tragedy to make us look within. —

i mean really, really look within. —
deep within!

can we recognize the amazing gifts and talents god has blessed us with? can we identify those hopes and dreams tucked deep in our hearts that seem so far fetched that we’re too fearful to ever share? can we face those parts of us we’re not so proud of? the “natural man” that we’ve been commanded to conquer?
until now, i’ve never cared or really even thought to venture there, but i’ve been on a journey to “find my way to my soul” for a while now and don’t have plans to quit. —
it’s painful, beautiful, terrifying, and miraculous all at the same time.

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#100happydays #day13
silly babies💗

their favorite shake. 👍🏻

messy kitchen. 🤷🏻‍♀️

still under construction. 🤦🏻‍♀️
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happy kids. blurry picture.🤷🏻‍♀️
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Boys. 💙

giant frog. 🐸

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