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Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow. #eyesontheprize #determination #burleighheadsbeach #beachfitness
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Ngara you are an inspiration! completing the course up until 7 months pregnant has shown us that nothing will stop you from following your dream! we can’t wait to meet the little edition to your family! 😊 good luck with everything in the future!!
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Congratulations to todays graduates! 🥳🎉 we wish you luck in everything you achieve in the future! 💪🏼
you were all such a pleasure to see in centre every week! we are so proud!😊 to be honest it’s only been a few hours and we already miss you! 🥺
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Happy morning sunshines! ☀️
heres 10 great ways to start your day!
✔️don’t hit snooze
✔️ don’t reach for your phone
✔️ focus on today
✔️ get some natural light (summer is upon us)
✔️ stretch
✔️ exercise
✔️ tell yourself three things you are grateful for ✔️listen to music
✔️write down your goals for the day and tick them off
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Team work makes the dream work 💛 #healthylife #beachfit #burleighhill #gcfit
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At hpc we aren’t just sending talented personal trainers into the world 🌍
we have some incredibly gifted students that make us so proud to call them family!
we are so proud of you @mrsheemskerk you have not only done yourself proud but us also!
congratulations on all of your accomplishments!
if you haven’t got your hands on a copy of @mrsheemskerk book you are missing out!! #healthyrecipes #gcbased #nutrition #familymeals #healthylifestyles
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Throwback to when superstar ⭐️ @livhallpt smashed our beach fitness!
summer just got a whole lot funner with our beach games keeping us fit and healthy while we celebrate this silly season ☀️🍑 #gcbeaches #gcfitness #fitnessmotivation #personaltraining #livelifebetter
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There are only two options:
make progress or make excuses!
which one will you choose ?

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Hpc changing lives! you can’t fake the smile on @donna_mariefit when you follow your passion it won’t ever go away! 🙂
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Fighting fit 🥊 @iamclairedaly .
who here loves boxing?
one step at a time!
one punch at a time!
one round at a time!
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When your eyes are on the prize @millie_boyle 🏃🏻‍♀️ parachute sprints to get your heart rate up and add some intensity to your workouts!
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We wear our logo with pride! .
having students that bring the passion for health and fitness every single day and to watch them never let go of their dream to build a healthy and happy future for their clients but for themselves too!

we are so grateful to be apart of the journey for each and every one of you!
#gchealth #goldcoastliving #beachbody #healthylife #healthfirst
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