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So i'll impart a story here that i can laugh about now, but in the moment my mother was angry, i was in pain, and my elementary school was just naturally in its state of befudlement. in 2nd grade or so i was playing at recess and decided to dispense these berries to other student pretending they were medicinal or something, who knows with me. brries that looked similar to these pictured yew cones. the game ended and we were rushed to lunch as usual, but then as the day progressed i was engulfed in swaths of red bumps and my face swelled to a potato shaped mass as only i can imagine. i had an immense allergic reaction to whatever was on school property and to this day i'm not quite sure what the heck i did to be slapped in the immune response system so cruely😆 here's the lesson that holds true even to today: don't play with random freckin fruit! a psa brought to you by childhood mistakes. bless my mother for her patience with me.
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"indeed any change in human existence, whether sudden or prepared in advance, always constitutes a painful crisis, for it does violence to acquire instincts, which offer it resistance. all the past holds us back, even when the brightest prospects tempt us to go forward. " - emile durkheim, the causes and conditions
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Ash filled clouds descending on the land. the air is dusty and everything smells like a fire pit, hopefully things settle soon and not much more forest is burned up.
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Here is a pretty ornamental apple tree to brighten up your day. the fruit is about the size of a ping pong ball and is just adorable. 😄
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A polite guest. i hope he gives me a good airbnb review. #stowaway #weekend
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A cute little jar of oatmeal to get the morning started. i swear, for me, half of the meal is just the experience and display. #slowmorning
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A very cute cryopteris bush growing near my home. #cryopteris #botany #plant
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"a garden of marvels" by ruth kassinger is a fun read for sure. it's one of those books that has scientific facts and history intermingled with personal narrative. because it's that style the actual flow of it is very winding, not terrible though. the illustrations were very enjoyable and i really like the information the author displayed. #plants #botany #agardenofmarvels #ruthkissinger
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Two breathtaking sites in utah's national forests. #utah #nature
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Little bees snuggling before a rain shower. so adorable! #bees
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Bryce canyon, kodachrome basin, staircase escalantes, and maaaany other sites visited! the red rock formations were spectacular and so much more than a photo can capture. we saw the persied showers out in kodachrome with the sky clear as can be and then hiked some trails in the national parks. fantastic trip to remember for a life time. #brycecanyon #kodachrome #persiedmeteorshower #canyon #redrock #nature #hiking
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A little botanical research never hurt anyone. went up to the mountains and did some great plant id-ing while hiking. amazing weather for it! #botany #herbarium #plants #botanymajor
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