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He has made me soft again. kind and humble. forgiving. he has brought me to my knees, and reminded me the beauty of being grounded.
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I would steal the sky for you
pickpocket the sun
i would bankrupt the stars
and hijack the moon
just to show you how much i love you.
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I know the stars never line up perfectly and the moon’s a bit crooked and the sky’s been grayer lately but the world was never meant to be perfect just beautiful.
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Maybe? definitely.
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I can’t promise you the dark clouds will never hover over our lives or that the future will bring us many rainbows. i can’t promise you that tomorrow will be perfect or that life will be easy. but i can promise you my unconditional love for a lifetime, that i will always be here for you, to listen and to hold your hand, and i will always do my best to make you happy and make you feel loved.
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“there wasn’t a predictable thing about her, and it was that chaos that made her interesting.” #atticus
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My people ❤️
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Most importantly love like it’s the only thing you know how
at the end of the day all this means nothing, this page, where you’re sitting, your degree, your job the money nothing even matters except love and who you loved and how deeply you loved them how you touched the people around you and how much you gave them
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You brought out the best of me
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