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I get a lot of messages from people saying that me and @bigkris_ are “so cute together” that we’re “couple goals” that “we’re funny af together” that they “want someone like us” and so on, but before y'all think everyday has been full of sunshine, it hasn’t. we’ve both put each other through some shit. it took a lot of work from both of us to get to where we are now. we promised to never give up on each other and to continue working on us everyday because even on our best days there is always room for improvement and growth. so, another persons relationship should never be your goal, the only relationship goal you should have is yours and that’s why the only one i have is ours because i’m proud of how far we’ve come and how much we’ve grown and keep growing as individuals, but most importantly as a unit and i’m excited to see what our future holds. he’s my person, always has been. i love you pa, all ways - always. 🦍💘🔐 #couplegoals #godgotus
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Sometimes i still can’t believe that i made this beautiful little girl, wow. 😍
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Just thankful for another year of life. 💕
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& here’s to being #twentygreat 💛 #birthdaygirl
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If binky wants to play dress up, then that’s what we do. 😂♥️ @bigkris_
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#memorymonday 😈💜
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It’s binky’s first day of pre-k4 today and she tried to wear hot pink nike tube socks with her sneakers. 😒😂🤦🏽‍♀️ umm...no ma’am - we had to compromise, lol. she woke up and told me how she wanted her hair and what bow she wanted, ughh stop growing up. 😩 wishing my babygirl the best of luck today and everyday moving forward. #prekvibes
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It’s you, it’s always been you. ❣️✨
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Latina. 🌹
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Love always wins. ♥️
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