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In honor of veterans day
there’s a pic of my uncle @renram26 with a true vietnam war hero too
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I’m treading water, i swear that if i drown i don’t care
they calling for me from the shore, i need more
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Trying to look cool
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La cagastes
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13 years ago today, you were taken from us and i will never forget. you are always with us in our hearts and we miss you every single day. i have your pictures in my house and your name on my skin. no matter how long it’s been, i still can’t believe you are gone. you are loved and you are missed greatly.
rip james r. m. salazar jr.
05/22/82 – 10/04/05
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Come back to earth
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Chronicles of the lazy eye
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I love life,
thank you
thank you
thank you
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I seriously can’t believe he’s gone. obviously i didn’t know him personally but he was one of my favorite rappers. his music helped me through very hard times and everything he’d rap about resonated within me because i was dealing with a lot of the same struggles as him. i’ve never felt so sad over the death of an artist. rip malcolm james mccormick
3 44 September 2018
Some sketches i made since all my stuff deleted
10 41 September 2018