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I have yet to meet a groom or groomsman who knows how to attach those darn flowers to their jackets. i vote for lapel pins which are way easier, and don't start falling to pieces the moment someone hugs you. shot by our associate @jeffs.travel
8 81 2 weeks ago
A shot of me, moments before this spot was swarmed by tourists in fluoro jackets wielding selfie sticks like wannabe knights at a medieval fair
12 98 2 weeks ago
If you're wondering what's going on here, that painting on the wall is of cords + sean acting all royal af. they had the painting done as a joke, y'know coz having an actual painting of yourself is the funniest thing ever, even if you're legit a royal 😂😂😂
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If you missed the initial post about this blog dropping a while ago, it's still up so check out the link in bio!
5 87 3 weeks ago
Lisa + weldon married on mount newman in the pilbara but she's anything but a #pilbaraprincess. she was 100% qween on their big day.
7 132 3 weeks ago
For the record, i asked these guys to do something crazy. they threw the bouquets on their own!! sorry @travellingjaspers 😅
also these peeps are on the blog so head on over to izo.com.au to see the full story!
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Fist bumps should be a thing at ceremonies. like when you exchange rings, you bump the rings together like captain planet or something.
3 70 3 weeks ago
@jeffs.travel looking tiny in front of that massive waterfall in iceland.
who else wants to be my stand-in model for travels? the next destination would probably be cuba, or maybe north korea 😬
i also take enquiries for destination pre-wedding shoots during the middle of the year 😉
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If you've got the abs, why not show it off? like this stunning number cat is wearing, custom made by @elvidesign
7 51 3 weeks ago
Wedding inspo time! this one is courtesy of monique and leon's wedding at @perthcityfarm.

catering - terramo catering
stylist - @olympiacreative
florist - @heytherepoppy_perth
lighting - @micktric_events
decor - @eventsandweddings
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Them moody feels.
also who thinks hayley here looks like a young charlize theron? 🙋🙋🙋
11 98 4 weeks ago
Legs for dayzzzz. also that dress 💣💣💣
13 137 4 weeks ago