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It’s christmas. no filter #leathermarket #london
1 40 last month
There is not greater city in this world. merry christmas from the natwest tower. 🎅🏻🌲#london #merrychristmas
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3 years of living in greenwich, macartney house comes to a close. been a privilege to be in your ancestral home general wolfe and lots of great memories in this home. mr booth, we finally made it gold; now onto the next chapter #greenwich #macartneyhouse #house
8 35 November 2018
Sun don’t shine in the shade. bird can’t fly in cage #waves good fun at the #avairy and #sketch
1 21 October 2018
If i can be just half of this of man then i’ll have done well with my lot in life. moreover, to the future mrs rees; this is how i will look in later years you lucky devil 😉. #thened #findingmarengo #london #family
6 44 October 2018
When in hospital granddad brought me a paper everyday, sat with me & kept me company. in some random conversation napoleons horse come up & tried to remember its name. fella in the ward piped up & told us it was marengo (after the battle) & curiosity looked into it, fully expecting him to be in paris only to find we have him in london. it’s a fascinating history (check it out) and this then became my objective when i was healthy to see him & thank my granddad. we added a few bits in and had a great day and appreciate how great london is. #armymusuem #guardsmusuem #london #marengo #napoleon #coldstreamguards #london #family #chelsea
6 41 October 2018
Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat - f.scott fitzgerald

i would not have envisaged being able to stroll up the hill to my home 3 months ago, enjoy the view and waving to my neighbour the #rangershouse will miss calling this home #greenwich #blackheath #rangershouse #gettingstronger
4 18 October 2018
Work isn’t so bad with a commute like this. #borough #sciencegallery #parkstreet #happymonday
3 19 September 2018
#tbt to bad hair, bad shirts and some fine poses in washington d.c
#lincolnmemorial #whitehouse #obama
3 14 September 2018
I walk past this nearly everyday to work and have never noticed it. 100 years on yesterday and rightly remembered. what a wonderful thing and words to remember his gallantry and service. “greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends” #fearnaught #cecilsewell #greenwich #proud #grateful
1 22 August 2018
Life can be shit, sometimes you have days where everything is good. 28th august 2018 is one of those.
my wonderful mums birthday, lunch at the ivy and good news from my consultant. had the pleasure of giving out the thank you cards i promised to the doctors & the ward with some gifts as a small token of the enormous gratitude i have for their care. and a good chat with sister in sydney @areesyyy christmas would be fun 😀#todaywasagoodday #ivycafeblackheath #lewishamhospital #family
5 49 August 2018
Evening in soho. too much mixing 🤯🤓#soho #toucan #pix #labodeganegra
4 45 August 2018