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Reine in the lofoten islands is one of the most beautiful places πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄πŸ—»β„οΈ
#norway photo by @visualsofjulius
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Safranbolu eski çarşı
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πŸ”Ίphoto prise par @parisiennepluie
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πŸ”Ήlocation : paris
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πŸ‡­πŸ‡Ί tag someone you'd visit budapest with ✨ photo by @momentsofgregory
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기뢄이 κΏ€κΏ€ν•˜λ‹€πŸ·πŸ·
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" her şeye canΔ±nΔ± sΔ±kma ey gönül! ne bu dertler kalΔ±cΔ±, ne bu ömür." hz. mevlana

mutlu haftalar olsun 🌷🌷🌷
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#hellofrom the golden bridge in da nang, vietnam πŸ™Œβ£
photo by @_deepsky⁣
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“my mission is to celebrate the richness and diversity of cultures within the african diaspora,” says artist adeyemi adegbesan (@yung.yemi ), who designed a face filter for afropunk (@afropunk ) this year.⁣
“going all the way back to my childhood, my own personal journey of trying to find out more about my nigerian heritage has always been a source of inspiration for me and that just spread to an interest in other african cultures and histories, and wanting to know more about black culture around the world,” says adeyemi, who lives in canada. “when you look at my work, it’s kind of like a synthesis of all of the things that i’m learning and being inspired by.” #shareblackstories⁣
check out @design to learn more about adeyemi’s art and see more stories about design from around the world.⁣
photos by @yung.yemi
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Today on igtv, we’re on the set with chance the rapper (@chancetherapper ) at the making of the music video for his song “we go high.”⁣⁣
spend time with chance in his native chicago and learn more about this song that includes, in his words, “the best verse i’ve ever written.” ✨
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We’re in chi-town with chance the rapper (@chancetherapper ), behind the scenes of the music video for his song “we go high.”
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Peekaboo. meet bailey (@birdyandbailey ), today’s #weeklyfluff.⁣⁣
video by @birdyandbailey
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Meet sinéad burke (@thesineadburke ). sinéad has achondroplasia, a common form of dwarfism, and is using her disability to shine light on the need for more inclusivity in the world of fashion. ⁣
πŸ‘’βœ¨πŸ‘œ ⁣
“i constantly ask the question, ‘who’s not in the room?’ and then my work is to make sure that i can answer that question and bring those people into the room, because i think that’s how we gain true progress,” says sinéad. “i look at my role as an advocate for amplifying different types of voices.” πŸ’• ⁣
⁣for national bullying prevention month, we partnered with teen vogue (@teenvogue ) to share the stories of amazing #advocates who are taking a stand against bullying and making a positive global impact. learn more about sinéad on igtv right now. ⁣
photo of @thesineadburke by @leofaria
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Sinéad burke is on a mission to make the fashion world more inclusive. “i think often we underestimate how much we matter, both to the people around us and to the world,” says sinéad. “the world would not be the same without us. there would be a void, be it big or small. and i think often, we don't think we have an impact. but each of us really, truly does.”⁣ ⁣
in honor of national bullying prevention month, we’ve partnered with @teenvogue to share stories of #advocates who are taking a stand against bullying and sparking positive global change. ✨ learn more about sinéad on igtv now.
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Sérgio odeith’s (@odeith ) murals uniquely inhabit the urban environments where he creates art. “since i was really young, i was always fascinated with realistic paintings,” says sérgio, who started as a graffiti artist, then changed up his style. “my work is all about light shadows and a correct perspective.”⁣⁣
photo by @odeith
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#doyoufollow makeup artist @sweetmutuals ? incorporating real flowers into her makeup designs is just one example of her vibrant and creative looks.⁣
in our new series #doyoufollow, we’re diving deep into some of instagram’s most popular interests and the people who make them awesome. learn more about @sweetmutuals on igtv, and see lots more looks from the dazzling #makeupart community on today’s story.⁣
photos by @sweetmutuals
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Catch a glimpse of some bright and bold looks with makeup artist @sweetmutuals on our new series #doyoufollow, which dives deep into some of instagram's most popular interests and the people who make them awesome. πŸ’›
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“nature is my playground, and i have to deal with it,” says beach artist jehan-benjamin tarain (@jbenart ). “i work only at low tides when the fine, wet sand is very compact. the large-scale 30- to 100-meter pieces take between three to four hours to make, using simple tools like rakes and ropes, and remain for only a few hours before the wind or the sea come to erase them.”⁣
photo by @jbenart
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