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Verdant rolling hills of endless green, great blue skies and spectacular landscape views are what the chyulu hills provide to nature lovers. #discoverkwsparks
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‪potto, the slow-moving african primate;tree dwelling and nocturnal can be found in kakamega and mt.kenya national park. #discoverkwsparks #magicalkenya
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#didyouknow male lions can eat about 1⁄3 of their body weight at one sitting? on average they need about 15 pounds (6.8 kilos) of meat each day while females eat about 11 pounds (5 kilos) per day on average .
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#didyouknow that you can go bike riding in hell’s gate national park? another perk is the park itself. #discoverkwsparks this #easterweekend .
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‪the #weekend is finally with us! lake nakuru national park is perfect for an out of town trip.nothing relaxing as the outdoors. #happyeaster !
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Catch a backdrop of mt kilimanjaro at the amboseli national park.
perfect views for #easterweekend . right ?
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A day of snorkeling followed by watching the sunset over the sea is just one of our suggestions for #easterweekend . what other activity piques your interest?
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‪there’s plenty to spur an adrenaline packed #easterweekend.why not assemble your team and challenge yourself for hiking at the aberdare national park. #discoverkwsparks
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