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The snooze before the blues 😴😴
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In our continent, lions are today extinct in 26 countries. the goal of naming it #worldlionday is to not only raise awareness about their dwindling numbers but to attract community support for the now vulnerable king of the jungle whose biggest threat is human encroachment into their habitat.

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It's #worldlionday! did you know that there are only about 20,000 lions left in the wild today and that they have vanished from over 90% of their range?
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It's #throwbackthursday and we have one from way back in 1973! meet barbara - matriarch of the bb family. now, at 70 years old she is currently the oldest living female in the amboseli national park elephant population.

#tbt #worldelephantday #coexistenceispossible 📸 amboseli trust for elephants
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3 fun facts about elephant trunks?
1. a trunk can weigh up to 400 pounds
2. a trunk contains over 100,000 individual muscles
3. a trunk is able to sense the size, shape and temperature of an object

#worldelephantday #coexistenceispossible 📸 @dswt
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Everyday should be about elephants in our books owing to the vital role these gentle creatures play in sustaining the ecosystem.
did you know that some plant & tree species rely only on elephants for spread? #worldelephantday #coexistenceispossible
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The red elephants of the tsavo national park are the only 'red elephants' in the world.
but did you know that this 'redness' comes from the frequent mud baths they take in the red volcanic soil?
#worldelephantday #coexistenceispossible
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Both the african and asian elephants face extinction within a few years and with their population estimates dwindling fast, this could be a sad reality we face sooner.

#worldelephantday is an eye opener for us all that a lot still needs to be done to save our elephants, especially when it comes to poaching and mitigating human-elephant conflict
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Habitat loss is one of the greatest dangers to the world’s elephant population as it deprives them of the spaces they need for food and breeding. protecting elephant habitats is critical to ensure that this important species is preserved and protected.
#worldelephantday #coexistenceispossible
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We are less than two weeks away from world elephant day and we firmly believe that both 👫 and 🐘🐘 can co-exist peacefully. #worldelephantday #coexistenceispossible
share your love for these gentle giants by telling us what you love most about them
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Tomorrow is #world #ranger #day
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Get your wits ready, it's caption time!
is there anyone who can tell us what secret is being shared in this 🐒🐒 business?
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