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Guess i caught the cabin fever.
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Good thing santa brought me a hairbrush. merry christmas to all.
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Christmas eve
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It was so great to support the newest elite babies at their first city as well as getting to see my year of alumni💚💚 thanks to @kevinfr3y @ian_eastwood @katyt8 @nomeara @reallanenapper for a great weekend at @thepulsepresents
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Wow what a year. i was given such an incredible opportunity to be the number one advanced elite pulse protégé last year. i’ve truly learned so much throughout this process from each and every faculty member. and to the elites; we stay family forever. see y’all in miami! this insanely hard choreo by @kevinfr3y someone i’m so proud to call a mentor. thank you @zandrat99 and @alysonthomas for preparing me for this experience❤️ #eliteskeetyeet #zcofamily @skylersemien @kira_stray @ackwardturtle @victoria.caccioppoli @alecroberts_ @jericholopez @brookecolletti @airiellebrooks @officialjoshprice @ddeliapark @jadynhernandez715 @devyboy @victoriacaban @paityntalbott_ @itsaustinleeofficial @aliyahroseofficial @brooklyncoke @lucas_the_entertainer @kkplant @_lilhayn @juliagiordano @twa_audio
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Happy fourth yo❤️💙 #redwhiteandblue
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I usually don’t post videos of me dancing, but this was a moment. thank you @tessandrachavez for your incredible class. thank you @zandrat99 and @alysonthomas for bringing @zcompanyarts to @radixdance . and thanks to @robbieblue_ for letting me dance with ya. overall a great weekend :)
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Thank you, zandra and aly, for always bringing out the best in me. you two are and will forever be some of my biggest role models, inspirations, and supporters. love y’all, andrea, tony, and chelsea endlessly. “i’ll be your mermaid”
choreo by za
photos by @nickfield815
#zcoforever #zcostrikesagain
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How’s 17 @_katiestory_ ? also, love y’all❤️
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