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All black outfit, yay or nay?? 🤔 i’m excited to share that @freddystoreusa has his & hers line 🖤 these pants are a mix of cute jean style & workout pants comfy. i’ve been living in these & max says they make da b***y look hawt 🍑 #freddystoreusa #thatfreddyfeeling #ad
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Look ma i’m on tv 📺 talking about micro-influencer vs. macro-influencers and how that can relate to authenticity. you don’t have to have millions of followers to make a difference!! we small in comparison to some of the big dogs (he compared me to @kimkardashian 😂) but we mighty and our voices will be heard 🦁 thanks @phillavelle @cgtnamerica for the interview
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Or if you weren’t afraid to fail 🤔
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“do what you love and you won’t work a day in your life” is false. that’s because i think we misunderstand “work”. i’ve worked jobs i don’t like, & am blessed to now do what i love. but it’s still work. i still have all kinds of high and lows. but it’s a labor of love, and i wouldn’t want to do anything else. it gives me energy, life, and i’ve met some incredible people. i don’t think your work can be something you love every second of. even those picture perfect influencers had to work so hard for where they are. but i promise hard work pays off. ————————————————
if you’re reading this, you are blessed, talented, and truly can achieve what you want. if you’re waiting tables and wanting to make your side thing your main thing, keep going. if you’re working on a degree to get that dream job, keep going. if you’re working hard for that promotion, keep going. and if you have no idea what the heck you are doing, keep going. some people figure it out later and some sooner, we all have our own path. you have just as many seconds in the day as beyoncé, so take today & work to get closer to where you want to go. 👑🐝
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Hold tight 🖤
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New phone, who dis?
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The details of connection - sold —————————————
finally updated my website to have my full art gallery ☺️ link in bio xx
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Life isn’t perfect, but there are definitely little perfect moments. we’ve both been working so hard, we wanted to take time to put everything on pause just for a little. a sweet little getaway to just treat ourselves & rest 🖤🥂
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This custom inverted version of kiss. love when you request custom orders. 🖤
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Tatted 🥀💉 7 months ago, i had an idea to use art to raise funds & awareness for kids in mexico. to put this plan into reality, i put together a dream team of ambitious, beautiful hearted, young individuals. my “interns” soon turned friends. i created a design around a quote i found (last slide). we all loved it so much & decided to get inked together, each our own version of the design 🙌🏼😍 you’re all my wildflowers & cant wait to watch you guys grow into the new game changers ♥️
alternative caption: ow s**t f**k owch sorry f**k ow *thanks @evanisthenewblack for holding my hand, & i’m proud of everyone for coming to our appointment hungover. we all deserved it haha
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